Sunday, February 04, 2007

Are Showers Made For Bathing or Sex?

NEW HAVEN, Conn. - Sex is not a taboo subject at Yale, home to Sex Week, a biennial celebration that’s one of the most provocative campus events in the nation.
But a randy couple’s frolic in a shower at one of Yale’s undergraduate residential colleges prompted a professor to issue an e-mail of protest, which in turn has sparked debate on the Internet.
With the subject line “Shower Stalls are for Showering,” the e-mail begins “OK, well THIS is the most awkward college-wide e-mail I’ve ever had to send.”
The e-mail was sent Jan. 30 by Professor Jonathan Holloway, master of Calhoun College, one of 12 residential colleges at the Ivy League university. About 330 students received the e-mail from Holloway. His e-mail warns against “intimate activity” in the showers, “especially that kind of activity that leaves the showers in a decidedly less hygienic state.

“Several times since the start of the spring term some Hounies have come across a couple having the time of their lives in a shower stall,” the e-mail stated, referring to the nickname for college residents. “Last night, the shower flooded and the bathroom could not be used for over 90 minutes. To the as yet unidentified couple, this may be pleasurable and exciting for you, but it is a violation of community standards. Please stop.”
Dan Gelernter, class of 2009, is co-editor of Critical Mass, aimed at “collegiate conservatives,” also weighed in, calling the episode “a new chapter in the story of Yale’s continuing descent into the depths of moral degradation.”

PS: Showers are for bathing, just as bed are for sleeping, elevators for going up and down , and cars for driving from a to b. Still all those places are more than appropriate for a good shagging. There is nothing better and relaxing than a good fuck so just get over it.


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