Friday, December 15, 2006

Oldman Traded Crack For Sex

An 80-year-old man from Bloomfield pleaded guilty on Wednesday to charges that he traded crack cocaine from his home, the Pittsburgh Tribune Review reported.Pittsburgh police first arrested Felix Cocco in November 2005 after he had been dealing drugs from his back porch for almost a year and then again in February 2006, police said.Police confiscated crack, a digital scale, packing materials and a pistol during that first arrest.

Cocco had wanted to remain sexually active after his wife died three years ago and turned to prostitutes, his defense attorney, Martha Bailor, said.Assistant District Attorney Matt Wholey said he would forgo seeking mandatory sentences that would put Cocco in prison for at least seven years if Cocco and Bailor agreed to a six-to-18 month jail term.Bailor said she was concerned about her client's vulnerability in jail, so Manning has ordered a presentence evaluation of Cocco's health.Manning also put Cocco on house arrest, where he will wear an electronic-monitoring bracelet until he is sentenced on October 2.

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