Friday, November 10, 2006

Tokyo Adult Club For Train Molesters

Tokyo, JP -- In a seedy world first, a new adult club in Tokyo is catering for men who like to molest young girls on trains. The Train Cafe is offering club membership to customers who can molest young girls dressed in school uniforms on a train carriage set ups inside the premisses.

A spokeman for Train Cafe said exclusive membership to the club in the Ikeburkuro district cost customers and initial 5000 yen ($64) fee and 2000 yen for a tea each visit. But members who pay 3600 yen are allowed to get on the train carriage set up inside the cafe where for 20 min, they can touch women standing at strategic points.

Those who pay an extra 5000 yen can select a woman they can ride with for 15 minutes. While in the cafe carriage members are able to feel like they are riding on the top Yamanote Line, Tokyo's loop line operated by JR East Co.

Train Cafe, the first of its kind in Japan and the world, was established in May last year and claims to have 4000 members and 250 women registred. The number of groping incident on Tokyo trains stood at 2201 in 2004, up threefold from 1996, tokyo police report.

Hiroshi Osedo

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