Saturday, November 04, 2006

Examination Rape Claims

Brisbane, AU -- A suburban Brisbane GP is on trial in the District Court accused of digitally raping and sexually assaulting a school girl during a pelvic examination. The court was told Dr. Jason Wu was working at a medial centre at Clayfield in Brisbane's inner north on January 24 last year when the 16-year-old private school student came to see him about a suspected urinary tract infection and complained about pain during sex.

The Crown alleges that during a consensual internal examination while the girl was in Wu's room he asked her questions about her sex life with her boyfriend before stimulating her clitoris on two separate occasions. He is also accused of digitally penetrating her twice during the examination. Wu has pleaded not guilty to two counts of rape and two counts of sexual assault.

Crown prosecutor David Kent said the girl claimed that before the examination, Wu talked to her about sex - asking if she and her boyfriend engaged in foreplay and describing orgasms to her before telling her "I am going to stimulate your clitoris". When the examination finished he gave her a specimen jar for a urine sample.

The girl later reported the incident to her boyfriend, her family and then police. Wu denied talking to the girl about orgasms and rejected all her claims. He told police he had asked the girl for consent to do the internal examination and had withdrawn his gloved hand during the inspection to change gloves when he noticed a tear in the first glove.

The trial before Judge Nick Samios continues.

The Courier Mail

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