Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Australian Women's Breast Larger Than Ever

Australian women's breasts are reaching record sizes, according to new research. The average Aussie bra size has increased from a 12B in 2000 to 14C in 2006. The research, by bra manufacturer Fayreform, also reveals 41% of women now wear a D cup or above.

Dr. Heather McCosker-Howard, a Brisbane Consultant in women's health, said bulging busts were caused by a number of factors. "We know that the population as a whole is getting heavier and that the average dress size is now 14", she said. "For some women the contraceptive pill can increase breast size and HRT in older women may also have a similar effect."

Robyn Corrigan runs the Arianne boutique and has spent 20 years in the underwear business. "Breasts have become larger, absolutely, and the growth has all been natural too, not surgically enhanced," she said. "Our most common bras go from 10DD through the 16E, although we now have to stock bras up to 22G"

The Courier Mail

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