Saturday, October 07, 2006

MD Loses Licence Because Of Sex With Patient

TORONTO,CA - A disciplinary panel for the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario stripped a family physician of his licence Thursday after he tried to cover up that he had sex with a patient.

Dr. Vaito Manohar, who owns and operates the Pine Valley Medical Centre in Woodbridge, Ont., and specializes in cosmetic treatments, cannot reapply for his certificate to practise for at least five years.

"You let your profession down. You let yourself down and you let your family down," Dr. Oscar Kofman, chair of the disciplinary panel.

Kofman said it was unfortunate that Manohar was a young physician with a "potential career that was cut short."

Manohar, who graduated from the University of Toronto in 1998, pleaded no contest to an agreed statement of facts read out at the hearing Thursday.

The panel heard that Manohar invited a female patient, whose identity is protected by a publication ban, to join him, his girlfriend and a male doctor out for an evening of dining, dancing and drinking.

After suggestions of group sex (which did not occur), Manohar and the patient had sex at his condo.

The patient said she did not consent to the sexual activity, adding that she was intoxicated, feeling numb and disoriented, the panel heard.

Manohar stated that she was a willing participant who did not appear inebriated.

When the college contacted Manohar about the allegations, he denied them and refused to give a DNA sample. Manohar also got his girlfriend to lie to college investigators in exchange for free cosmetic treatments, the panel heard.

Manohar's DNA matched forensic evidence found on the patient's underwear.

In the patient's victim impact statement, which was read to the panel, she said: "I no longer trust people. I find it difficult to sleep...I feel exhausted, scared, lonely, confused and lost."

Jenny Stephenson, Manohar's lawyer, told the panel that her client regretted his errors.

National Post

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