Monday, October 09, 2006

Filmmaker Arrested On Teen Sex Charges

Salt Lake City, USA -- A Salt Lake City actor and filmmaker has been accused of having sex with a teenage girl and flying her to Los Angeles at least twice for the encounters.

Gilbert L. Medina - who recently wrote, directed, produced and appeared in "Jack's Law," a revenge drama filmed in Utah that featured Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson as a defense attorney - was arrested Thursday at his downtown condominium, FBI Agent Scott Wall said.

After a brief appearance Friday before U.S. District Magistrate David Nuffer, the 37-year-old was ordered held pending a detention hearing. The charge of transportation with intent to engage in criminal sexual activity filed against him carries a mandatory minimum sentence of five years in prison and a maximum of 30 years. A statement filed by the FBI with the complaint alleges that a confidential source told a detective that Medina had engaged in sex with the minor between 2004 and this year.

The source said Medina and the girl traveled separately to California to avoid suspicion about why a minor and an obviously older man were together. In addition, Medina checked into hotels alone while the girl waited around the corner so no one would see them together, the statement alleges. It says that hotel and airline records corroborate the source's story. At least two of the encounters, one in Los Angeles and the other in Medina's condominium in the American Towers, were recorded by Medina with a handheld video camera, according to the source.

The statement says a second source reported opening up files while using Medina's home computer and saw a depiction of what appeared to be a minor female performing a sex act on the actor-director. A search of the condominium conducted Thursday turned up film cartridges and prescription drug containers, the statement says.

The document also alleges that after being placed in custody, Medina asked if his car keys were being seized and when told no, replied, "Good," because when he made bail, he was going to "jump."

Medina, who was born in Salt Lake City
also appeared in the movie "The Crow: Wicked Prayer," and co-produced "Prosperity."

Source: Salt Lake Tribune

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