Saturday, October 28, 2006

Army Cadets Escape Child Sex Conviction

Brisbane,AU -- Two teenage army cadets who engaged in consensual sexual experimentation with a pair of girls at a cadet cam ended up in the dock of Brisbane District Court yesterday as graphic details of their exploits were recounted to a packed room.

Keiran David Francis Johnston and Benjamin David Simmons were sexually naive 17 and 18 year old schoolboys when they became involved with the girls - who were aged 14 and 13 at the time. The girls were described in yesterday's proceedings as enthusiastic participants in the sexual conduct.

The alleged sexual activity mostly involved the girls giving oral sex to Johnston and Simmons in private while the group was taking part in two cadet camps in April and August last year. The majority of the incidents occurred at the first camp. A further two counts involving Johnston happened at the August camp.

The court was told that the two girls did not initiate the police complaint and one girl made it clear she did not wish the prosecution to proceed. The events only came to light after schoolyard gossip about it reached authorities. Prosecutor Glen Cash told the court that while any child sex offence was serious, there was no evidence that the two girls were cajoled into the activity.

Barrister Craig Eberhardt, for Simmons, said his client was sexually inexperienced at the time and has since been humiliated publicly and shamed by his expulsion from cadets and the exposure of his conduct in the media. Mr. Eberhardt said that after the incident his client had asked out one of the complainants and been rejected, which had damaged his self-esteem. He was hospitalized earlier this year for depression.

Both accused were placed on 12-month $500 good behavior orders. Convictions were not recorded. Judge Dick said the case was most peculiar but that was not to say the prosecution should not have been brought because the conduct was till a criminal offence. She told them she hoped the case would provide a lesson.


Heather said...

I was a very sexually curious 13-year-old and frankly, I don't think there is a lot of difference between a 13yr old and a 17year old in some cases.

"Child" sex is not really what was going on here it sounds like.

What it sounds like is that there were some sexually curious and explorative teens being rather naughty. Nobody seems to have been victimized - other than humiliating the boys for consensual sex acts.

If the girls had been drunk or coerced or reluctant or upset then that would be different.

sasha said...

Thanks a lot Heather. I agree with you. I believe all this publicity and trial left deep emotional scars for both boys and girls involved.

This is how we make frustrated people, future women haters, rapists, etc. They were all just kids experimenting sexually as they should and the society made them monsters.