Monday, September 18, 2006

Gang Sex Attack Footage Passed Between Students

Victoria, AU -- GRAPHIC footage of a gang sex attack on a schoolgirl is being passed around Victorian students via mobile phone video messages.

The cruel stunt has left its underage victim severely traumatised and humiliated, detectives say.
About four minutes of disturbing footage shows a gang of young men - some high school students - attacking the girl in a private home. Detectives believe the footage is circulating widely at two Wodonga high schools.

"It has spread like wildfire," Sen-Det Ray Causer said.

At least six attackers were believed to have been involved, although there could have been as many as 10. One is understood to be older than high school age. The maximum penalty for having sex with a minor is 10 years' jail.

The depraved video message is circulating among students at the Wodonga Secondary College's middle and senior school campuses. Detectives believe more mobile phone video clips were taken on the night. Sen-Detective Causer said the victim was hurt and humiliated.

"The victim is deeply distressed in relation to the alleged activity and she has been further embarrassed at having that footage circulated in the community," Sen-Det Causer said.

It is believed the victim, who lives in the region, was aware the assault was filmed. She appealed to her attackers to stop filming, but they refused. The attack happened at night at a private home in May. The victim is understood to have recognised the voices of some of the men.

Police have interviewed a group over the attack, although no charges have been laid. Detectives have located the phone on which the footage was taken, but believe more clips could be circulating.

"We are trying to obtain footage from anyone who has got it or has seen it," Sen-Det Causer said.
"We would appeal to anyone with information or who has seen or obtained the footage to please contact us."

He invited those with information, including anonymous tips, to call (02) 6049 2600.

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