Sunday, July 02, 2006

Underwear Thief Must Buy His Own

Brisbane, AU -- A Judge has told a women's underwear thief that instead of stealing he could buy his own women's knickers to try on in the privacy of his own home. Judge Ian Wylie was sentencing Neil Armstrong Jackson, who pleaded guilty to stealing underwear from unit complex clotheslines, taking them home to try on, and then returning them.

Female residents of one unit block threw out their underwear after being told by police that Jackson might have been wearing their knickers. Jackson had visited one Brisbane southside unit complex every day for months, try in on women's underwear in the garage. In other cases, he too the underwear home, tried them on, washed them and then returned them to the unit clotheslines or communal laundries the next day.

Sentencing Jackson, 36, of Kingston, to three years' probation, Judge Wylie warned him he could face a jail term if he repeated the underwear theft. Jackson admitted to a psychologist trying on underwear taken from clotheslines from the age of 17. A psychologist's report said Jackson's mild intellectual disability meant he lacked insight into his sexual fetish.

By Kay Dibben
Courier Mail

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