Sunday, July 23, 2006

Turkey Slapping Scandal At School

Queensland, AU -- A Sex scandal has erupted at Queensland Catholic school implicating female students as young as 12. The school, which cannot be identified for legal reasons, has been rocked by claims that female students were pinned down and "turkey slapped" - hit with an exposed penis - with their male peers for successfully performing dares.

Police would not be drawn on the similarities between the alleged incident and the controversy surrounding two Big Brother reality television contestants who were kicked off the show earlier this month for "turkey slapping" a female housemate.

Claims of sex for dares at the school were alleged by a parent of a male student. The allegations were brought to light after female students complained some male students were rubbing their penises on them. Two male students had been "withdrawn" from the school because of an alleged incident.

The female students were aged from 12 and the male students at the centre of the allegations were between 15 and 16.

The Courier Mail

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