Sunday, July 09, 2006

Quick Sex And Men

Ladies, if you ask your partner about his most vivid and unforgettable sexual experience, he will probably recall sex that ended in the elevator of your building (or something similar).

The matter is that extempore sex is far more thrilling and memorable than long-lasting “somersaults” even with the use of various sex toys. Moreover, if all this is accompanied with imminent risk of being caught during intimacy – this will only intensify pleasure. This emotional arousal is the guarantee of full-fledged pleasure.

Quick sex is the opposite of sensual love making, for there’s a great difference between love making and sex. While making love you plunge into the inner world of your partner, the world of love and adoration, while quick sex can be just a physiological act resulting in mutual satisfaction of partners. Yet men and women differ in their perception of relationships. There are also differences in sexual tastes of men and women. For the most part women need love, care and tenderness from their partners; men see their women as sexual partner, insatiable lover and tigress in bed.

Quick sex can become an antidote for the syndrome of partner habituation. Turn away from your everyday errands and job; forget about bills, relatives and children. Give yourself a small holiday in relations with your beloved. A ten-minute “heat” will make you feel desired, appease your sexual appetite and raise vitality.

If your man has lost every hope that something can be changed in your mutual life – be first to show the initiative. Make a pleasant surprise for him. Stop seeking excuses in your daily problems, lack of time and fatigue. Open new page of sexual relations and don’t fear to experiment.

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