Sunday, July 30, 2006

Rape Victim Abortion Case Polarizes Argentina

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina (Reuters) - An abortion case involving a mentally disabled rape victim has polarized Argentina, setting the government against courts in a Roman Catholic nation where terminating pregnancy is mostly illegal.

A top provincial court will decide within a few days whether to allow a mentally impaired 19 year old, four months pregnant, to have an abortion. Both Argentina's health minister and its most powerful governor back her family's plea.

Argentine law bans abortions except when a woman's life is in danger or a "demented" woman is raped.

Two lower tribunals have denied the request, arguing in part the constitutional mandate to protect children's rights trumps criminal law. One judge also cited the influence of her own religious convictions, according to local media.

"I am very disturbed by these rulings because this is a typical case, which is totally legal under criminal law," Health Minister Gines Gonzalez Garcia, a proponent of loosening restrictions on abortion, told local radio,

"This girl has a mental disability, she was raped, her parents are asking for the abortion. It is incredible that the courts are going in circles on this and giving abstract arguments," Gonzalez Garcia said. "This is making a tragedy all the more tragic."

Abortion is illegal in much of Latin America, home to half the world's Catholics. In Argentina alone, between 500,000 and 700,000 clandestine abortions are practiced each year, the minister said.

Buenos Aires Gov. Felipe Sola was quoted by Clarin newspaper as saying: "We are not in a theocracy. It is within this disabled rape victim's rights to abort."

Kuwait Gang Rape

BAHRAINI human rights activist Faisal Fulad accompanied a Bahraini woman, who claimed she was raped by 11 men, to the Kuwait Public Prosecution yesterday.

Bahrain Human Rights Watch Society (BHRWS) regional and international director Faisal Fulad requested for her passport to be returned after it was allegedly stolen by one of the accused.

The Bahrain Embassy in Kuwait was also represented at the meeting.

"We asked the Public Prosecution to hasten the medical examiner's analysis of the victim's heath condition," said Mr Fulad.

"We have asked that the accused should get the toughest punishment."

The 20-year-old mother claims she went to Kuwait to find work, but was kidnapped, raped by 11 men and forced to take drugs.

However, police in Bahrain have said the woman left her husband and ran away to Kuwait to meet her lover.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Australian Orgasm Percentage

Proportion of surveyed women in Australia who say they have:
- never experienced orgasm during sexual intercourse: 14%;
- always have orgasm during intercourse: 23%;
- sometimes have orgasm during intercourse: 63%.

Rapists' Appeals Fail

A Cambodian appeals court had upheld long jail sentences against two Australians despite their young accusers changing their stories of rape and sexual harassment.

Bart Lauwaert, 39, a former English language teacher was convicted and sentenced in 2003 to 20 years on charges of raping his maids, aged 12 and 14 in northwestern Siem Reap province. Another Australian, Clint Rex Betteridge, who fled Cambodia before his trial, has been ordered to serve 10 years if he returns.

Lauwaert denied he raped the maids, and his alleged victims had recanted their accusations in a hearing last week, saying they were never assaulted. Nine girls told the appeals court that the Cambodian Women Crisis Centre urged them to testify against Lauwaert.

"Booty calls" Satisfy Beast Within Women

Tamara McLean - The Courier Mail

Casual sex may be more rampant than first thought, with a new survey showing half of Australian women have had a "booty call" friend at one stage in their life. In a study of more than 650 women of all ages, 53% admitted to having a mate for regular but non-committed sex during their lifetime.

Sexologist Stacey Demarco said this type of relationship offered women a safer sexual environment than a classic one night stand. But it still allowed them to be emotionally unattached. "As long as both parties understand the parameters of the relationship this is healthy way to go", Ms Demarco said.

The survey, run by the company which makes female libido enhancement product Femi-X, found three out of four women would not be offended if they received a booty call from a good-looking friend. And four out of 10 women said they were willing to take a booty call from their chosen buddy at any time, day or night.

Ms Demarco said the results showed Australian women had an increasingly flexible approach to relationships and were not single-mindedly focused on finding long-term love. Instead they were prepared to enter regular but casual relationships with men who were their sexual match but possibly not suited in other ways, she said.

Professor Susan Davis, a women's health expert at Monash University, agreed women had a freer attitude to sex these days but said they still valued the traditional relationship. "This shows that young women believe they have a right, like men, to just have sex," Professor Davis said. She said previous research of women aged under 45 showed those in relationships were happier than those who weren't.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Bridget Mary Nolan

Bridget Mary Nolan (born about 1981) is a former Australian teacher who was convicted in December 2005 of having sexual intercourse with an underage student at her school.

She was a teacher at an unidentified school in the Riverland district of South Australia, where, in July 2005, she had sex with a 15-year-old boy on three occasions over a four week period.

Nolan, from suburban Trott Park in Adelaide, pleaded guilty to the charges when she appeared in court. The court was told of the severe impact of the offence on the victim and his family. The boy had been teased and bullied at school when fellow students learned of his involvement with Nolan, and the family had been subject to intense scrutiny. The court ordered suppression of the names of the victim and his school in order to protect him and his family.

After her initial arrest, Nolan was shifted by the state's education authority to work in a non-student contact situation, but immediately after her guilty plea the South Australian Education Minister announced her dismissal.

At a pre-sentencing hearing in January 2006, further details of the case emerged. Nolan's lawyer said the relationship started with a spontaneous kiss on a bus at a school camp. Nolan later became concerned about the consequences the kiss would have on her career and asked to meet the boy to discuss it. Instead, they had sex after the boy suggested they go into her bedroom. Nolan again tried to discuss the matter some weeks later and again the pair had sex. The lawyer said the sex occurred because Nolan did not want the boy to feel rejected and retaliate by telling authorities.

Nolan's case is one of a number of cases emerging since 2004 involving female teachers in Australia having sex with their students, and reflects a similar spate of such cases in North America and the West generally. Nolan's non-custodial sentence went against the recent trend towards treating female offenders similarly to male offenders in such cases, which had been seen during 2005 particularly in the cases of Sarah Jayne Vercoe and Karen Louise Ellis, both of whom received prison terms which were not suspended - in Ellis's case, on appeal by the Crown against an originally-suspended sentence.

Seattle Female Prison Guard Accused Of Favors For Sex

SEATTLE, US -- A female guard at a juvenile detention facility has been charged with giving food, candy and other favors to two teenage inmates in exchange for sex, and four other guards are under investigation, officials said.

Lydia Korolak, 34, an 11-year veteran of the King County juvenile lockup, was charged Tuesday with four counts of custodial misconduct. She was on paid leave pending arraignment Aug. 1.

The four other guards also are on paid leave as the investigation continues.

"I wanted our juvenile facility cleaned up once and for all," King County Executive Ron Sims told reporters Tuesday at a news conference. Officials said guards who avoid criminal charges still could lose their jobs or be disciplined.

Each charge against Korolak carries a standard sentence of about five years. She does not have a listed phone number.

The allegations against Korolak involve Lavelle Johnson and another former inmate, identified in court documents only as J.H. Both were 17 at the time she is accused of having sex with them, one in 2001 and the other in 2002.

According to documents filed in Superior Court, she let Johnson fondle her and soon began having sex with him, usually in his solitary cell. He told investigators that in exchange she gave him candy and fast food and let him violate curfew.

Johnson, now 21, said in a telephone interview from the Washington Corrections Center, where he is now serving time as an adult on a drug charge, that Korolak visited his cell regularly in the wee hours.

"Graveyard shift was when all the sexual acts were going on, the intercourse and oral sex," he said. "She'd do her 15-minute checks, put the key in the lock, I'd hear it click, and then she'd be like, 'Come on, hurry up.'"

J.H. told police he had sex with Korolak under duress nearly a dozen times after she threatened to write him up for infractions that might have affected his pending criminal case, according to the court filings. He, too, said she brought him candy as a reward and enticement.

J.H. also said Korolak asked him to be her boyfriend and said she would kick her mother out of the condominium they shared if he would move in with her.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Woodlands Man Charged In OnLine Sex Bust

Huston, US -- A Woodlands man and three other men accused of using Internet chat rooms, including the popular, to solicit sex with underage girls were arrested in a two-week undercover sting, Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott announced Tuesday.

The attorney general's Cyber Crimes Unit,with help from the Shenandoah Police Department, arrested the men last week after they showed up at a pre-arranged location in Shenandoah to meet with a teenage girl for sex. The men unwittingly set up the dates with an undercover investigator posing as a 13- and 14-year-old girl.

One man traveled 500 miles from Oklahoma and another man brought a gun and rope restraints, investigators said.

Arrested in the sting were William Noel Shrum, 25, of The Woodlands; Guadalupe ''Wally" DeLaGarza, III, 26, of College Station; Robert Wayne Ramirez, 40, of Needville; and Calvin Hoddy Hannah, Jr., 51, of Owasso, Okla.

Shrum was arrested July 13 after he tried to meet a 13-year-old girl, investigators said. Shrum, a night maintenance worker at a Woodlands church, was charged with attempted aggravated sexual assault of a child and online solicitation of a minor.

DeLaGarza and Ramirez were both arrested July 18. Investigators said DeLaGarza was taken into custody after he showed up at the meeting spot with condoms, a digital camera, rope restraints and a handgun. The Texas A&M graduate student was charged with attempted sexual assault and unlawful carrying of a weapon, investigators said.

Ramirez, long-haul truck driver, drove his 18-wheeler to the meeting location and was arrested on charges of attempted sexual assault of a child and online solicitation of a minor, investigators said.

Investigators arrested Hannah on July 19, after he drove 480 miles from Owasso, Okla., a suburb of Tulsa. He stayed overnight in Huntsville before coming to Shenandoah to have sex with a 14-year-old girl, investigators said. He also was charged with attempted sexual assault on a child and online solicitation of a minor.

Attempted aggravated sexual assault of a child is second-degree felony punishable by two to 20 years in prison and a $10,000 fine. Attempted sexual assault of a child is a third-degree felony punishable by two to 10 years in prison and a $10,000 fine.

US Congress Spanks Sex Web Sites

The U.S. House of Representatives on Tuesday approved a bill that would make it a federal felony for Webmasters to use innocent words like "Barbie" or "Furby" but actually feature sexual content on their sites.

Anyone who includes misleading "words" or "images" intended to confuse a minor into viewing a possibly harmful Web site could be imprisoned for up to 20 years and fined, the bill says.

Because the U.S. Senate already approved the measure in a voice vote last week, it now goes to President Bush for his signature. Bush, who previously endorsed the bill, has scheduled a signing ceremony for Thursday afternoon on the White House grounds.

"America's children will be better protected from every parent's worst nightmare--sexual predators--thanks to passage" of the legislation, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales said in a statement on Tuesday.

House Speaker J. Dennis Hastert, in a statement issued after the House approved the bill by voice vote, said: "We've all seen the disturbing headlines about sex offenders and crimes against children. These crimes cannot persist. Protecting our children from Internet predators and child exploitation enterprises are just as high a priority as securing our border from terrorists."

The 163-page Child Protection and Safety Act represents the most extensive rewriting of federal laws relating to child pornography, sex offender registration and child exploitation in a decade.

If the bill becomes law, it's not clear which Webmasters would become federal felons. Sites like, which show Barbie and Ken dolls having simulated sex, could be in trouble, depending on how prosecutors and juries interpret the language. (Kontraband offers video clips and photographs, some of which are racy.) representative Dylan Close said in an e-mail message to CNET that he was familiar with the congressional legislation and that the site already rates the pages using a system borrowed from the British Board of Film Classification. For instance, a page showing topless images was marked as not safe for work. Close also said that the site's Barbie and Ken clip was intended for adults and older teenagers, not children.

Also, Close said, "we are increasing the level of awareness and differentiation between our levels of safe and not safe content."

In addition, the Child Protection and Safety Act, or Walsh Act (named for Adam Walsh, who was abducted and murdered in 1981 at 6 years old), would:

• Punish the intentional Internet sale or distribution of "date rape drugs" by making the act a new federal crime with up to 20 years in prison. The list of offending drugs would include gamma hydroxybutyric acid (sometimes called liquid ecstasy), ketamine, and flunitrazepam (better-known under the trade name Rohypnol).

• Force sex offenders to provide a DNA sample, a requirement that many states already have adopted.

• Create a national sex offender registry to be run by the FBI, with "relevant information" on each person. It's supposed to permit geographical lookups based on ZIP code.

• Fund a series of pilot programs, lasting up to three years, to tag sex offenders with tracking devices that would let them be monitored in real time. The devices would include a GPS downlink (to provide exact coordinates), a cellular uplink (to transmit the coordinates to police), and two-way voice communications.

Separately, the Senate is expected to vote this year on a related but broader proposal dealing with Web labeling. That legislation says that Web site operators posting sexually explicit information must slap warning labels on their pages or face prison terms of up to five years.

CNET's Anne Broache contributed to this report.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Bus Driver Jailed For Sex Assaults On Young Girls

Scotland, UK -- A BUS driver who once appeared on the television show Blind Date was yesterday jailed for six months after admitting a series of sex attacks on young girls.

Nicholas Price, 27, of Harrogate, repeatedly confronted teenagers on his bus between April 2002 and last August.

At York Crown Court he admitted indecent assault, sexual assault and sexual activity with a child.

Another Female Teacher Admits Sex With Student

Victoria, AU -- A TEACHER performed oral sex acts on a male teenage student in her car on three occasions, a court in Melbourne has been told.

Natalina D'Addario, of suburban Kensington, was teaching in the northern suburbs when she began a sexual relationship with the 15-year-old.

The 37-year-old Italian teacher today pleaded guilty in the Victorian County Court to three counts of sexual penetration of a child in her care.

Chief Crown prosecutor Jeremy Rapke QC told the court D'Addario performed oral sex on the student in her car on three occasions between May and July last year.

The liaisons started after D'Addario told him off for calling her sexy in front of other students.

She told him to "reserve it for one-on-one occasions" and when asked by the student, she agreed she also found him sexy, Mr Rapke said. She then started sending him romantic and sexual text messages, he said.

One day after school, D'Addario picked the student up in her car and they drove to a location at Ascot Vale where she performed oral sex on him. During a police interview, D'Addario said she felt coerced into giving the student oral sex and did not want to.

Her barrister Robert Richter QC told the court his client was a lonely, loving, vulnerable, depressed person at the time of the offences.

He said she felt shame and remorse, and pleaded guilty at the earliest stage. She had had an exemplarily character before this offence, Mr Richter said. Judge Roland Williams will sentence D'Addario later today.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Youngest Child Most Likely To Be Gay

Ottawa, CA -- The last male child in a family of many boys is likely to be gay, Canadian researches find. A study, published yesterday in the US Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences online journal said "the most consistent bio-demographic correlate of sexual orientation in men is the number of older brothers (one has)" and not social influences. A total of 944 Canadian men were interviewed for the study.

Turkey Slapping Scandal At School

Queensland, AU -- A Sex scandal has erupted at Queensland Catholic school implicating female students as young as 12. The school, which cannot be identified for legal reasons, has been rocked by claims that female students were pinned down and "turkey slapped" - hit with an exposed penis - with their male peers for successfully performing dares.

Police would not be drawn on the similarities between the alleged incident and the controversy surrounding two Big Brother reality television contestants who were kicked off the show earlier this month for "turkey slapping" a female housemate.

Claims of sex for dares at the school were alleged by a parent of a male student. The allegations were brought to light after female students complained some male students were rubbing their penises on them. Two male students had been "withdrawn" from the school because of an alleged incident.

The female students were aged from 12 and the male students at the centre of the allegations were between 15 and 16.

The Courier Mail

Genetic Scientist Jailed

Los Angeles, US -- Renowned genetic scientist William French Anderson was yesterday convicted of molesting the young daughter of a colleague and will undergo a psychiatric evaluation before his sentencing in November. Superior Court Judge Michael Pastor ordered the on time runner up for Time magazine Man Of The Year to be jailed.

Clark In Civil Suit For Rape

Victoria, AU -- A Woman who claims she was raped more than three decades ago by former ATSIC Chairman Geoff Clark yesterday won the right to sue him over a psychiatric disorder.

Carol Stingel, 51, has alleged she was gang-raped twice by a group led by Mr. Clark in April 1971 when she was 16 year old. The former head of the now defunct Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission has denied the allegations. Ms Stingel has vowed to sue him for damages over a delayed onset of post-traumatic stress disorder she says was brought on by the alleged assault.

The Courier Mail

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Pamela Rogers Officially Sex Addict

Bill Poovey, Tennessee

A FORMER teacher who has already served prison time for having sex with a 13-year-old student has been jailed for more than six years for violating her probation by sending the boy nude photos of herself.

When Pamela Rogers, 29, was released after serving 198 days in jail, she was under orders not to contact the student or his family. But authorities said that even after being charged with violating her probation in April, she continued talking with the boy and sending him text messages and sexually explicit images of herself.

"You have done everything except show this court that you wanted to rehabilitate yourself," Judge Bart Stanley said. He revoked Rogers' probation and ordered her to serve the rest of a seven-year prison sentence that had been largely suspended.

Rogers, who has been in jail since April, presented evidence in a hearing on Friday. A clinical psychologist said she was a sex addict. Rogers apologised tearfully.

Rogers worked as a physical education teacher at Centretown Elementary School, which the boy, now 14, attended. She was first arrested in February last year but pleaded no contest to charges of statutory rape and sexual battery by an authority figure. Records of the case said she had intercourse and oral sex with the student.

A grand jury issued a new indictment against Rogers, charging her with four counts of exploiting a minor.


Thursday, July 13, 2006

Man 80 Admits Dealing Crack For Sex

PITTSBURGH -- An 80-year-old man acknowledged Wednesday that he dealt drugs at his house in return for sex with prostitutes. Felix Cocco of Pittsburgh pleaded guilty to charges of possession of a controlled substance, possession with intent to deliver and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Police said Cocco had been dealing drugs for nearly a year when he was arrested in November. Officers seized crack cocaine, a digital scale and packaging materials, police said. Authorities said they caught Cocco dealing again in February.

When an Allegheny County judge asked Cocco why he chose a new profession so late in life, Cocco replied, "I was trying to stay alive, your honor _ pay my bills."

Cocco's lawyer, Martha Bailor, told the court her client wanted to remain sexually active after his wife died three years ago, and turned to prostitutes.

"He decided it's cheaper to pay for sex with crack than cash," she said. Prosecutors said they would not seek mandatory sentences if the defense agreed to a six-to-18-month jail term.

The judge ordered an evaluation of Cocco's health after Bailor expressed concern about Cocco's vulnerability in jail. Cocco remains under house arrest while he awaits sentencing scheduled for Oct. 2.

Ban Expected On Choosing Sex Of Baby

London, UK -- PARENTS will be banned from selecting the sex of their babies for non-medical reasons as part of government plans for a shake-up of embryology regulation.

Caroline Flint, the health minister at Westminster, told MPs she was minded to introduce a "clear and specific ban" on the use of new techniques to choose a baby's gender.

Allowing parents to pick the sex for reasons such as "balancing" the make-up of their family might be a "slippery slope" to designer babies, she warned.

But Ms Flint admitted the ban would not prevent British people going abroad, where such practices were legal.

Giving evidence to the Commons science and technology committee, Ms Flint also indicated that rules allowing fertility clinics to block treatment for single women and lesbian couples would be scrapped.

Scottish MSPTommy Sheridan Loves Group Sex

Lee Glendinning
Thursday July 13, 2006
The Guardian

Former leader of the Scottish Socialist party Tommy Sheridan had group sex with a man and three women in a hotel while snorting cocaine and drinking champagne, a court heard yesterday.

Fiona McGuire, a former prostitute, originally told the News of the World that her first sexual encounter with the Glasgow MSP involved champagne, strawberries, and just the two of them.

But giving evidence in the court of session in Edinburgh yesterday, she told a different story, including how Mr Sheridan had instigated the group sex and was "up for anything".

Ms McGuire, 32, admitted under cross-examination that the first sexual encounter involved group sex. Graeme Henderson, representing Mr Sheridan, asked: "Have you always said that?"

Ms McGuire answered: "No, I have not. The first time I spoke to Douglas [Wight, news editor of the Scottish News of the World] about Tommy Sheridan I painted a slightly different picture of my involvement."

Mr Sheridan, a member of the Scottish parliament, is suing the News of the World for £200,000 over allegations, printed in 2004-05, that he had taken part in orgies and visited a swingers' club. He says the stories are false.

Ms McGuire, now a schools liaison officer living in Peterhead, Aberdeenshire, claimed she and Mr Sheridan were joined in the room at the Tree Tops Hotel in Aberdeen by a man and two women she knew through her escort work.

Asked whether drugs were taken during the orgy, she said: "There was cocaine in the room and it was used by everyone."

Ms McGuire, who revealed she has had between 200 and 300 sexual partners, also said champagne was drunk by the group, including Mr Sheridan.

Mr Henderson asked: "So he was a champagne and cocaine socialist?"

She replied: "I cannot answer you."

Questioned about Mr Sheridan's role, Ms McGuire said: "He was very much involved and an instigator in the whole affair. He was jollying us all in having a good time. He was just up for anything."

Giving evidence on the seventh day of the civil action, Ms McGuire admitted her recollection of dates was not totally accurate. She said her relationship with Mr Sheridan, whom she first met at the home of an SSP activist, involved possibly a dozen sexual encounters between 2000 and 2004.

Earlier, a woman who claimed she saw Mr Sheridan having sex in a hotel suite denied she made up the story with her friend after newspaper allegations about the MSP. Helen Allison, 52, said the politician smiled at her when she discovered him in the bedroom of a suite at the Moat House in Glasgow.

Ms Allison was asked if a friend had contacted her after reports about Mr Sheridan's sex life appeared in the newspaper in 2004 and if the woman had joked about it being "an easy way to make money".

Ms Allison denied this, telling the court she had received an interim payment of £1,000 for her story. She and her friend had been promised a further £6,000 to cooperate with an article and pose for pictures, but negotiations had broken down.

The case continues.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Sex In Singapore

A prominent news magazine once said that Singapore was a fine city, and then went on to explain that you could be fined for almost anything in Singapore.

  • Jaywalking can become a blot on your police record.
  • The mosquito patrol can enter your home without a warrant and
  • check your flower pots for standing water, which constitutes
  • an offence in the Lion City.
  • Not flushing a public toilet is an infraction punishable by a fine.
  • Urinating in an elevator would get your picture in the paper in the
  • early 1990's (along with a fine of about S$800).

    Even feeding the city's wild pigeons was illegal when I was there....

  • But in this squeekiest of squeaky clean cities, prostitution is legal -- and relatively well regulated. And if you're not careful you could walk right into a brothel in some of the city's shopping malls without even realizing what you were opening the dorr to...

    Prostitution in Singapore is restricted to designated redlight areas (DRA's); some sources say there are five of these, others say six. But since they are all fairly close together, it's probably irrelevant. There are a total of about 400 brothels in the city with an estimated 10 to 20 prostitutes each. That's about 6000 prostitutes in the city...

    Prostitutes carry a yellow health card in Singapore. They must report in "regularly" for health checks. And while prostitution and brothels are legal, solicitation is not. Even in the DRA's, there are no (legal) street walkers.

    The sex industry in Singapore seems to be part of an official desire to make being "sensible" as controversial as possible. But for tourists who are not part of the Singapore mindset, the situation can become confusing. (And keep in mind that the government wants to be sensibly controversial to the International Community; the idea of citizens doing the same at home doesn't fly.) Organizations like Amnestry International and the Coalition Against Trafficking in Women (CATW) see things in a different light than the government of Singapore.

    The official line is that, since prostitution is going to exist, regulating it is the only sensible course of action. CATW and similar groups take the position that legalization provides protection mostly to the individuals who run the brothels, and to some lesser degree to the men who frequent such places, but rarely to the actual prostitutes. Many of Singapore's prostitutes are imported from Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

    The locations for some of the city's Designated Redlight Areas is a little surprising, in as much as they exist in the heart of the city's commercial and historic districts. So while the odds may be slim, it is possible to simply stumble into one of these places -- just you, your husband, and your nine-year-old son...

    As tourists walk up and down the shop-til-you-drop store fronts and department stores on Orchard Road, few realize that Orchard Towers is one of the DRA's. Angel's Disco (formerly Club 392) in Orchard Towers is a sister-club to the Angel's Disco in Bangkok's notorious Sukhumvit area.

    Some of Singapore's DRA's are pretty seamy. Deskers Road, in the words of one sources, is "the classic low-end red light district." But it is within easy walking distance of the City Hall MRT station. The "Deskers Report" goes on the describe the area. The DRA is in...

    • "...the back alley between Desker Road and Rowell Road. Here you will find a teeming mass of humanity milling along the alley, looking in at all the doorways. Inside the doorways you will see 1 to 6 women sitting around looking bored and contemptuous in a bare room with cane chairs. Posters on the wall advise the use of condoms..."

    Deskers Road and the nearby Flanders Square DRA's can be reached by foot from the Little India section of Singapore. And if you don't know where you are or where you're going, with little effort you can accidently find yourself in the wrong alley -- appalled to find that this part of the city even exists and wondering how to get back to the tailors and trinket shops of Little India.

    Fortunately, the most popular DRA is in the Geylang area of Singapore - not a normal tourist hangout. One writer remarked on the way in which brothels, residences, and the store fronts of Indian merchants are blended together. Geylang is the land of cheap accommodation and immigrant housing in Singapore.


    Kiwis Lead In Internet Sheep And Porn Searches

    In line with the stereotype, New Zealanders lead the world in Google shearches for the word "sheep". They're also No.2 for looking up "porn" But, please hold the jokes: Australia is respectively second and fourth on the global list for searching words on the worlds leading internet search engine.

    The saving grace for Aussie and Kiwi men is they are No.1 and 2 at typing "girlfriend" in the search field. Rankings for any given word on google's Trends web page launched earlier this year are made according to its percentage of total searches from each country.

    Despite the interest in porn, neither Australia nor New Zealand make the Top 10 for "sex", a group led by Muslim nations Pakistan and Egypt. The Tasman neighbor's are also missing from the "romance" search Top 10, which is led by Chile and Philippines.

    TV Sexiest Earthling Can Be Seen From Space

    For travelers squeezed into a window seat on flights from Los Angeles - the view to the ground this week offers more than miles of dusty desert.

    That giant, bikini-clad Hollywood star attractively perched on the desert sands is not a mirage, but the latest iteration of Maxim magazine's long-standing love affair with Las Vegas.

    Maxim, to celebrate its 100th issue, has re-created a magazine cover with Eva Longoria, star of ABC's "Desperate Housewives," on the open desert outside Primm, near the California-Nevada border., an Internet blog, featured the faux-magazine cover Monday and noted that this was not an April Fools' joke.

    The understated cover itself is made of a vinyl-mesh screen and reads, "THE ONLY MAGAZINE BIG ENOUGH TO BE SEEN FROM SPACE - AND ONLY IN VEGAS!" A truck parked beside the giant Longoria provides a sense of scale for the 100-by-75-foot pinup-style cover.

    Lewis Kay, a representative with Maxim's public relations company, BNC in Los Angeles, confirmed that the cover will be an element in several days of events tied to the magazine's 100th issue, including a poker tournament and other events at Wynn Las Vegas.

    Erika Yowell, a spokeswoman for the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, said her agency also is involved with the magazine promotion, which is "the latest incarnation of a fitting partnership."

    "Las Vegas has had a very fruitful relationship with Maxim for years," Yowell said.

    She said the magazine's readers are a good target audience for Las Vegas.

    Maxim is one of the best-selling new "lad's magazines" that feature scantily clad, but not nude, young female celebrities.


    Teen Raped During 000 Delay

    Ipswich, QLD, AU -- A Homeless teenage girl was raped in the 50 min it took for police to respond to her 000 emergency phone call, a court was told. In the Court of Appeal, a man whose name was suppressed was appealing a 9 year sentence for rape and indecent dealing. The court was told the girl was 14 and living on the streets in Ipswich.

    In the early hours of February 24, 2003, she met up with three men and agreed to go night clubbing with them. Latter, she went with the men to motorcycle club premises where they consumed more alcohol before all four left. However, the man and the girl later returned to the club where she fell asleep.

    The court was told the girl awoke to find the man performing oral sex on her. She immediately got up grabbed her clothing, went straight to the phone and called police on 000. Police did not arrive for about 50 min during which time the man stopped the girl from leaving, indecently dealt with her and than raped her. It was alleged the man told the girl: "If I am going to jail for this, I might as well finish."

    When police arrived, the man claimed the girl had told him she was 16 and that sexual activity had been consensual. He also denied having threatened to hit her with a pool cue. However, the man ultimately pleaded guilty to rape, indecent treatment of a child under 16 and deprivation of liberty. He was sentenced to nine years when he appeared in the District Court in Ipswich in July.

    Townsville Players In Rape Trial

    Queensland,AU -- AN 18-year-old woman was allegedly raped by two visiting players and assaulted by a third in a Longreach hotel during celebrations to mark the end of a rugby carnival

    Glynn Scott Anderson, Jodi Neil Stojanoff and John Charles Beldan yesterday faced the District Court of Queensland, convened in Longreach, charged with a total of six offences against the agricultural student on February 22, 2004.

    Anderson pleaded not guilty to three counts of rape and one of indecent assault, and Stojanoff not guilty to one count of rape. Beldan has pleaded not guilty to one count of attempted rape.

    Crown prosecutor Michael Lehane yesterday said the men were members of the Townsville Tigers team, which had won the rugby sevens tournament in Longreach. The team celebrated throughout the night, before ending up at the Royal Hotel, where players were staying.

    Mr Lehane said the teenage woman, whom he described as perhaps "a little slow", naive and too trusting, had also been to the carnival and had been seen "dirty dancing" with Townsville Tigers players, including Anderson, at the Starlight Tavern, before she left with another man to have consensual sex at his Royal Hotel room.

    Mr Lehane said the man left the room and, when she went to find him, she ended up speaking with several people on the hotel's verandah before being called into another room to join "a party" with five men, including the three accused.

    He said the girl, who cannot be named for legal reasons, would tell the court the men had asked her to take her shirt off, stopped her putting it back on and asked her to take off her bikini top – a request to which she eventually agreed.

    Mr Lehane said the men undressed and asked her to perform oral sex on them, but she refused.

    He said one of the men performed oral sex on her, despite her refusals.

    Anderson allegedly then performed oral sex and had vaginal sex with the woman. Sex followed between her and Stojanoff. Beldan's alleged attempt was followed by Anderson, who allegedly had vaginal and anal sex with the woman.

    Mr Lehane said the woman "shut down", "switched off" and closed her eyes during the alleged offences. The court heard she would say the men treated the alleged offences like a competition, laughing and cheering.

    The trial is expected to continue into next week.

    Source:The Courrier Mail

    Ex Teacher Admits Child Sex Abuse

    Sydney, AU -- A FORMER music teacher pleaded guilty to 12 counts of child sex abuse when he appeared in Sydney's Downing Centre District Court today.

    Gary Maxwell Featherstone, 56, a former music teacher at Sydney's exclusive Pittwater House Grammar School, pleaded guilty to charges that included indecent assault, committing acts of gross indecency, and having homosexual intercourse with boys as young as 11 years old.

    The charges relate to four boys aged between 11 and 14, and offences that took place between December 1982 and October 1990 in Featherstone's home in the northern Sydney suburb of Chatswood.

    Sunday, July 09, 2006

    Quick Sex And Men

    Ladies, if you ask your partner about his most vivid and unforgettable sexual experience, he will probably recall sex that ended in the elevator of your building (or something similar).

    The matter is that extempore sex is far more thrilling and memorable than long-lasting “somersaults” even with the use of various sex toys. Moreover, if all this is accompanied with imminent risk of being caught during intimacy – this will only intensify pleasure. This emotional arousal is the guarantee of full-fledged pleasure.

    Quick sex is the opposite of sensual love making, for there’s a great difference between love making and sex. While making love you plunge into the inner world of your partner, the world of love and adoration, while quick sex can be just a physiological act resulting in mutual satisfaction of partners. Yet men and women differ in their perception of relationships. There are also differences in sexual tastes of men and women. For the most part women need love, care and tenderness from their partners; men see their women as sexual partner, insatiable lover and tigress in bed.

    Quick sex can become an antidote for the syndrome of partner habituation. Turn away from your everyday errands and job; forget about bills, relatives and children. Give yourself a small holiday in relations with your beloved. A ten-minute “heat” will make you feel desired, appease your sexual appetite and raise vitality.

    If your man has lost every hope that something can be changed in your mutual life – be first to show the initiative. Make a pleasant surprise for him. Stop seeking excuses in your daily problems, lack of time and fatigue. Open new page of sexual relations and don’t fear to experiment.

    Barman Sexually Groomed Girl No.2

    A BARMAN from Preston "sexually groomed" a 15-year-old Welsh girl while he was on a sex offenders' programme for doing the same thing previously.

    Swansea Crown Court heard that Philip Cheetham, 48, started befriending the teenager last year using the MSN internet messenger service.

    Her parents described her as a "quiet girl who spent a lot of time on her computer".

    After building up the relationship on the internet he met up with her for sex in hotels such as the Dolphin and Dragon in Swansea and the Boar's Head in Carmarthen.

    James Jenkins, prosecuting, said yesterday that when Cheetham started communicating with the girl last October he was already on a probation service led sex offenders' rehabilitation programme.

    It was part of a three-year community treatment order imposed at Nottingham Crown Court in 2005 where Cheetham had admitted sexually grooming a 14-year-old girl from the city.

    The court heard while he was arranging to meet the Swansea girl he was receiving daily "advice and guidance" from the those running the sex offenders' programme.

    Cheetham was jailed for three years yesterday after admitting sexual activity with a child under 16 and the new offence of sexual grooming. Under the offence it is illegal for adults to meet or arrange to meet someone under 16 to engage in sexual activity.

    Cheetham was told by Judge Michael Burr he could apply for parole within 18 months. However the judge emphasised release then would not be automatic and would only arrive when Cheetham could convince the parole board he was no longer a threat to young girls.

    The Swansea offences came to light when the 15-year-old met Cheetham at a hotel telling her parents she was staying a friend. They found out it was not true and the police were called in.

    The girl's parents found entries in her diary detailing sex with Cheetham.

    Cheetham was arrested at Port Talbot station after the 15-year-old had left the train. He told police he was "in love" with the girl and claimed he did not realise she was only 15. However, police discovered he had bought her a child's railway ticket.

    Patrick Griffiths, defending, said Cheetham's offending began after his marriage broke down. While what he did would "quite properly outrage decent-thinking people", no threats or force had been involved.


    Wednesday, July 05, 2006

    Single Sex Schooling No Better

    London, UK -- Children given a single sex education perform no better in exams than those who attend mixed schools, says a study. The research questions the commonly held belief that students are more likely to excel if removed from the distractions of the opposite sex. Girls have been thought to gain from being separated.

    Professor Alan Smithers, who has examined such studies for more than 50 years said: "There are no overriding advantages for single sex schools on educational grounds."

    Daily Mail

    Marines Plotted Rape And Murder

    Investigators believe US soldiers spent nearly a week plotting and attack in which they raped and Iraqi woman, then killed her and her family in an insurgent-ridden area south of Baghdad, a US military official said.

    US officials said they knew of the deaths but thought the victims died because of sectarian violence. However, a local police official, Captain Ihsan Abdul-Rahman, said Iraqi officials received a report on March 13 alleging that US soldiers had killed the family in the Khasir Abyad district near Mahmoudiya. A US official said flammable liquid was used to burn the woman's body in a cover-up attempt.


    Canadians Go South To Choose Baby's Sex

    OTTAWA, CA - A U.S. fertility specialist says about 70 Canadian couples have travelled to his clinics in Los Angeles and Las Vegas to choose the sex of their babies using a procedure that cannot be legally performed in Canada.

    Dr. Jeffrey Steinberg's Fertility Institutes offer embryo selection for about US$18,000. The mother's eggs and the father's sperm are combined in a lab dish to fertilize the eggs and the sex of the resulting embryos are determined. Only embryos of the desired sex are implanted in the mother. In Dr. Steinberg's approximately 2,000 sex-selection procedures so far, the baby has always been of the "correct" sex.

    About 60% of his practice is foreign patients, including many from China and India, who want boys for cultural reasons. There has been an eightfold increase in volume at his clinics in the past two years, since he was featured in Newsweek magazine.

    The Canadian patients at first came mostly from the British Columbia and Saskatchewan, but now there are growing numbers from Toronto and Montreal. "They just beat a path to my door," he said. "We've had a ton of Canadian patients."

    Chinese and Indian couples want boys. According to his figures, however, about 60% of the Canadian patients want to have a girl. Most patients already have children and want one of the opposite sex, he said.

    These families do not have fertility problems -- in fact, mothers often have three or more children of one sex and simply want to balance out their family with the guarantee of the boy or a girl they are missing.

    "It's always family balancing. If they have five boys, they want a girl. If they have five girls, they want a boy," said Dr. Steinberg.

    "We're trying to provide families with happy, healthy babies they are content with. If the technology is available, they want to take advantage of it to take advantage of choice."

    The medical technology to perform sex selection has been available for more than a decade, but the social and ethical debate is still raging. The procedure, which is available in many countries in Asia and the Middle East, is illegal in Canada and is considered unethical by major Canadian medical bodies.

    The Canadian Fertility and Andrology Society and the Society of Obstetricians and Gyneacologists of Canada have released position papers against selecting embryos on the basis of gender, said Dr. Roger Pierson, a professor of obstetrics and gynecology at the University of Saskatchewan and the chairman of the fertility society's communications committee.

    "It is considered morally reprehensible," he said. "We can't discriminate on the basis of gender. Until the courts tell us differently, we'll remain with that position."

    In Canada, it is legal to use pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) to screen for genetic conditions ranging from Down syndrome to hemophilia and cystic fibrosis. Often, the embryos are created in an invitro fertilization lab in Canada and are sent to labs in the U.S. for assessment.

    The list of diseases that can be screened using PGD keeps getting longer and longer, said Dr. Pierson. For example, one of the most recent developments has been a DNA chip that can test for about 1,000 diseases. DNA is extracted from a single cell and placed on a chip, which indicates if the DNA carries any of the test diseases.

    But critics of sex selection have pointed out that a baby's sex is not a disease. The American Society for Reproductive Medicine has also released a position paper that frowns on selecting embryos solely on the basis of gender.

    It's unclear how many labs in the U.S. and around the world perform sex selection, said Dr. Pierson. Statistics are not kept on the number of these procedures performed in the U.S.

    Dr. Steinberg said he knows of at least one other clinic in Florida that offers sex-selection of embryos and believes that some clinics that offer PGD are doing a great deal of sex selection work.

    In the U.S., fertility clinics are run on more of a business model, said Dr. Pierson. Some clinics are located in cities with easy access to Canadians to encourage "reproductive tourism" and sex-selection services are advertised in ethnic newspapers.

    While a border guard might ask a traveller if they got new tires or car repairs while they are in the U.S., no one administers pregnancy tests at the border, he said.

    "If you have the money, you can get anything you want. It's like Alice's restaurant."

    As for the debate about the ethics of choosing the sex of a baby, Dr. Steinberg argues that women are already "choosing" their children. Pregnant women can have amniocentesis to screen for genetic abnormalities, such as Down syndrome. If the test is positive, the pregnant woman may choose an abortion, he said.

    "If a decision on sex selection can be made before the pregnancy, why not make it?" said Dr. Steinberg. "I find that distinction confusing. We're choosing babies all the time."

    © National Post 2006

    Tuesday, July 04, 2006

    Jordan Too Busy For Sex

    She's built a career on her sex appeal. But Jordan has revealed that she's just far too busy to indulge in, ahem, intimate behaviour with hubby Peter Andre.

    Jordan - real name Katie Price - says that being a mum of two, writing a book and pursuing her new acting career, as well as all the Jordan-esque modelling, is tiring her out. But with all that activity filling up her diary, she and Pete still have plans to have another baby. However, it's not that easy...

    She told New! magazine: "You've got to have sex to make kids. I try but we're both knackered."
    The couple do have a solution to their time management problems. Jordan, 28, also revealed that she and Pete, 33, are considering adopting a child from a developing country.

    She said: "I spoke to someone last night. They're going to look out for me - the way Angelina (Jolie) gets them."

    Monday, July 03, 2006

    Sillcone Sex Dolls On Sale

    A new breed of artificial human sex companion has been unveiled that promises to take the air out of old-fashioned inflatable dolls.

    My Party Doll, a southern California-based manufacturer, displayed two prototypes of their 5,000 dollar love buddies at the 10th annual Erotica-LA Convention, which ends Sunday. The show drew thousands to its celebration of all things carnal in a city known as the capital of the US sex industry. The three-day event features over 300 exhibitors unveiling the latest in sex toys, paraphernalia and publications, as well as sex seminars and a chance to audition for pornographic films.

    US pornographic film revenues now equal mainstream Hollywood's total box office figures. Over 200 pornographic films are produced every week in the United States, mostly in Los Angeles. About 12,000 people in California live off the pornographic film industry. Adding to the notion that sex sells, in 1997, roughly 33,000 pornographic websites existed. Today the number has mushroomed to 500,000 and growing daily.

    Americans alone spend more than 10 billion dollars annually on the sex industry, up from an estimated 10 million dollars a year in the 1970s. Merchandisers like My Party Doll are hoping to cash in on the profitable sex accessories industry. One online purveyor, Good Vibrations, recently reported ten million in annual sales in a market that is estimated at 1.5 billion dollars. Though the sale of sex toys is banned in the southern US states of Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, and Texas, business is booming in most of the country.

    My Party Doll believes its new dolls are going to be a new success. "I've personally tested every doll on the market," professional sex doll consultant Alex Goldman told AFP. "These girls are a world of difference. She's the bounciest doll I've ever been with." The dolls are named "Leeloo" for Milla Jovovich's character in the film "Fifth Element". The prototypes are hand sculpted from medical grade silicone, the same material used in breast implants, and built on top of a metal skeleton.

    "Leeloo isn't like those old blow up dolls, she's so durable you can jack up your car with her," said Goldman. Leeloo's designer, Yves Becker, spent two years sculpting a companion of which he could be proud. "The feet were really difficult," Becker told AFP. "But I spent most of the time on the breasts because it's so difficult to calculate gravity." Visitors to the display were pleased with Becker's accomplishment.

    "Wow, I wish I had one of these 25 years ago," said Jim Arthur, a sex toy merchandiser. "I would have just kept her in the spare bedroom." The designers are banking on their product's durability to nudge it past competitors. "Leeloo could last 30 years," said Goldman. "But of course it depends how carried away you get with her." Becker cautioned that Leeloo is designed with the same flexibility limitations as a human.

    The marketing demographic for Leeloo will be broad, according to Becker and Goldman. Artificial sex companions, they believe, appeal to a wide swath of consumers. "It's not just that lonely guy that can't get a pretty girl," said Goldman. "We've had requests from professionals, blue collar workers, married couples looking for more excitement in their bedroom, even female clients who want to have Leeloo as a sort of super Barbie."

    Though Becker, a French citizen, expects most of his trade to be within the United States, he sees growth potential in Japan and Australia, but not in Europe. "You see, in Europe, sex is just easier, and taxes, well, they're more difficult," said Becker. For now, there are only two Leeloos, but Becker will soon begin designing a voluptuous and a petite model to add variety.


    Sunday, July 02, 2006

    Kim Cattrall Sexually Satisfied Only After 40

    Sex And The City star Kim Cattrall says she was never "sexually fulfilled" until she was 40. Cattrall, 49, says she didn't have great sex until she took on the role of maneater Samantha Jones in the hit show and married her now ex-husband Mark Levinson.

    "Sexuality had been a very narrow experience," she said to Britain's Telegraph magazine. But Cattrall's sex life improved dramatically when she married Mark in 1998. "I could really talk about my sexuality and be free enough to experiment." she said.

    Underwear Thief Must Buy His Own

    Brisbane, AU -- A Judge has told a women's underwear thief that instead of stealing he could buy his own women's knickers to try on in the privacy of his own home. Judge Ian Wylie was sentencing Neil Armstrong Jackson, who pleaded guilty to stealing underwear from unit complex clotheslines, taking them home to try on, and then returning them.

    Female residents of one unit block threw out their underwear after being told by police that Jackson might have been wearing their knickers. Jackson had visited one Brisbane southside unit complex every day for months, try in on women's underwear in the garage. In other cases, he too the underwear home, tried them on, washed them and then returned them to the unit clotheslines or communal laundries the next day.

    Sentencing Jackson, 36, of Kingston, to three years' probation, Judge Wylie warned him he could face a jail term if he repeated the underwear theft. Jackson admitted to a psychologist trying on underwear taken from clotheslines from the age of 17. A psychologist's report said Jackson's mild intellectual disability meant he lacked insight into his sexual fetish.

    By Kay Dibben
    Courier Mail

    Brisbane Student Charged With Rape Of Two Sisters

    Brisbane, AU -- A Year 12 student from an exclusive Brisbane private school has been charged with sex offences against a girl, 16, and the rape of her 10-year-old sister. The student, 18, allegedly committed the offences in the girls' home between 2004 and this year.

    A police investigation was triggered when school staff allegedly found he had sent the older sister pornographic emails. The emails, which contained images of nude women, where allegedly sent from his school computer to the 16-year-old school computer. The sisters attend state schools.

    It is understood the young man had been in a relationship with the older girl for some time. The pair apparently met at school functions. However, the alleged offences against the 10-year-old occurred during the past year. Police arrested the student in a park in Brisbane's west suburbs.

    He appeared in the Brisbane Magistrate's Court on three charges of unlawful carnal knowledge and two counts of sodomy in relation to the 16-year-old girl. As the young man has been charged with an indictable offence, police are also able to take a DNA sample. The victims and the student cannot be identified under Queensland laws relating to sex offences.

    The Courier Mail