Sunday, June 18, 2006

Payout For Molested Woman

Queensland, AU -- A Woman who is unable to have a normal sex life with her husband because she was molested as a child has been awarded $20,000 in criminal compensation. In the District Court in Beednleigh last year a man, who cannot be named under Queensland Law, was convicted on four counts of indecently dealing with the woman in 1984 and 1985.

The woman, who was aged eight to 10 at the time, gave evidence she was repeatedly molested by the man and had clear memories of the four occasions in question. Judge Wally Tutt noted the woman had undergone a psychiatric examination that showed she suffered pos traumatic stress disorder. " The psychiatrist reported the woman believes her whole attitude towards life has been damaged in the sexual area, where she cannot enjoy what she has learned is normal sexual behavior between adult males and females", Judge Tutt said.

He said had the woman sued in civil court she would have got more than $20,000 maximum allowed by legislation at the time of the offence. Therefore he awarded her the maximum allowed of $20,000.

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