Friday, June 30, 2006

Most Funny and Absurd Sexual Perversions

Today we have an exclusive article from our friends at Best Sex Toy Store:

By no means all sexual perversions avert normal (healthy) people. Some of them are simply funny. Below we give a list of four funniest sexual perversions. Yet if something from this list excites you – forget about sex you musn’t reproduce.


Among English exhibitionists, flashers and just extreme sex amateurs a new sexual flame is booming. “Doggerty” is sex in public parks or cars in presence of passer-bys or together with them. “Doggerty” has received its name over the reason that people arrested for this extreme pleasure usually explained their behavior saying that they “were walking with a dog”.

Girls and mud-stuck-cars

Men loose their ground seeing a woman in trouble. They also love women in and without underwear. Some English websites have united these two male foibles: for 77 dollars you will get a DVD disk with seminude girls of easy virtue trying to pull their luxurious cars out of mud. Some men get excited of such a sight.

“Hugging” Party

It’s an orgy, which even nuns can take part in. For three hours you can touch whoever and wherever, yet you mustn’t lay off. The cost of such a pleasure is just 30 dollars. In other words, you will spend several hours squeezed between some nice granny and aged broker from Wall Street. Officially such parties are called “practical training on the opposite sex nonsexual touching sensuality".

Clown Porno

The holders of colorful wigs and false hair are also not devoid of imagination. For 25 dollars you can buy a DVD porno-movie, with key actors being clowns: heterosexual and lesbian. The movie starts with erotic orgy and ends with clown incest. We don’t advise you to watch this movie; otherwise you’ll experience orgasm as soon as you see balloons and rubber toys.

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