Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Fear Of Rape Put Leslie In Burqa

Model Michelle Leslie says she wore a burqa during her stay in a Balinese prison on drugs charges to avoid being raped. In and interview with New Idea magazine, she said she wore the traditional Muslim headdress as protection from men in the prison she feared would rape her.

Leslie said she awoke in prison one night to find a man sitting on the end of her mattress, laughing and singing "Jiggyjig Missy Leslie. Bali holiday, Jiggyjig"

"I knew jiggyjig translated into having sex", she said. "He was saying "Australian model" and stroking my leg. I screamed - Get out of here!"

Leslie said she was aware another woman was being taken from her cell regularly for sex, and believed her fate would be the same is she did not act. "I decided to dress in the Muslim burqa. I chose to wear Muslim dress for one reason and one reason only - to protect myself," she said. When I put on the burqa, people were more respectful and I'm sorry if anyone was offended by that."

Leslie, 25, was convicted of drug possession in Bali in August after two ecstasy tablets were found in her handbag. She was sentenced in November to three months' jail, which covered the time spent in custody.

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Model loving Pete said...

One and a half months for each tablet.