Monday, June 19, 2006

Dianne Brimble Saga Continues

Two men who allegedly had sex with Dianne Brimble were on the prowl again hours after she died, the inquest into her death has heard.

The next night they offered two girls, aged 15 and 16, free US holidays, clothes and perfume, and asked one to dance in their room for money.

Jessica Kornacki told the inquest she met the men at a pyjama party in the nightclub of the Pacific Sky on the second evening of the cruise, about 14 hours after Mrs Brimble was found dead in their cabin.

The man who did most of the talking called himself Peter. He was yesterday identified by Ms Kornacki's friend, Amy Mudge, as Letterio Peter Silvestri, one of the eight men named as persons of interest in the inquest.

Ms Kornacki said he was wearing only a towel, and was with a man she identified as Mark Robin Wilhelm.

"He ("Peter") came across to me as a bit sleazy, and I didn't want anything to do with him," Ms Kornacki told the inquest.

"He said if I liked I could come back to his room and he would pay me to dance to the music videos" (on the ship's pay television).

The men also offered her and Amy Mudge, 16, cigarettes and drinks. Ms Kornacki told the inquest she thought the men were drug dealers, but that they had denied this, although Mr Silvestri had said he took cocaine and ecstasy socially.

She told the court she later heard a rumour that Mr Silvestri had drugged and raped a woman who then died on the cruise.

The inquest has previously heard that Mrs Brimble died naked on the floor of the cabin occupied by Mr Wilhelm, Mr Silvestri and two others. Mr Wilhelm has told police he had consensual sex with her before she had oral sex with Mr Silvestri.

Mrs Brimble died of toxic levels of alcohol and gamma hydroxybutyrate.

The two men are part of a group of eight Adelaide men who are persons of interest in the inquest. The inquest also heard four of the men barged into a room of four girls on the first night of the cruise, just hours before Mrs Brimble died.

Tiffany McDonald, then aged 16, told the court she was about to leave the room with two other teenage girls when four men entered, closing the door behind them. She identified them as Mr Wilhelm, Dragan Losic, Petar Pantic, and "maybe" Mr Silvestri. The men asked their names and kissed their hands, she said.

Her mother, Lee-Ann McDonald, told the court she heard a female voice in the room next to hers, where Mrs Brimble was later found dead, saying "Leo" - Mr Letterio's nickname - on the first night.

She said there was a lot of "commotion" in the room and the corridor all night, but she was too frightened to investigate.

The ship's magician, Stephen Hart, who has testified he was asked three times by P&O staff to shut up when he wanted to talk about Mrs Brimble's death, was yesterday accused of being so drunk that night he was refused further drinks by bar staff.

Barrister for P&O Philip Biggins suggested to Mr Hart his memory of the events was severely affected by alcohol, and that he was never told to "shut your mouth" by staff.

Mr Hart admitted he was affected by alcohol, but stood by his story. He said he was so frightened by the warnings, he did not speak to police on the cruise.

He said he had wanted to tell staff about his suspicions about a man he had seen with Mrs Brimble but was told the suspicions were unfounded; the man was a family friend travelling with her.

The inquest continues.

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Anastasia said...

What that horrible man said about Diane is just something else isn't it?
I hope (I hope they all serve time) he experiences some 'bad' things in prison.