Thursday, May 25, 2006

Mr Fahey A Prostitute Killer From Australia

Brisbane,AU -- A Brisbane prostitute is expected to receive $100,000 - the largest State Government reward paid in Queensland - after she helped police arrest prostitute killer Francis Michael Fahey. Evidence given by the woman was central to the police investigation which led to the conviction of former ambulance officer Fahey for the murder of two Fortitude Valley prostitutes.

Police Minister Judy Spence yesterday told State Parlament the $100,000 reward would be paid but she would not confirm the recipient's name. "This person's involvement greatly assisted police in identifying the suspect," she said. Police said the woman was working in The Valley in February 2003 when Fahey propositioned her. She rejected his request. He later propositioned Julie Louse McColl whose naked body was found with 24 stab wounds at Bald Hills.

The woman later helped police compile a description of Fahey and also described his utility, which led police to him. Last week in the Supreme Court in Brisbane, he was sentenced to two life terms for the brutal murders of McColl and Jasmin Crathern.

The largest reward previously paid out by the State Government was $45,000 in 2001.

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