Monday, May 29, 2006

Female Risk Of Herpes Higher

Brisbane, AU -- Women are twice as likely as men to contract genital herpes, according to a new study which found one in eight Australians had the virus. The Australian study found 80% of those with genital herpes were unaware they had it.

Brisbane's Princess Alexandra Hospital senior medical officer David Jardine said it was unclear why women were more susceptible. The study, which focused on individuals over the age of 25, revealed that HSV-2 was most prevalent between the ages of 35 and 44, and in individuals living in metropolitan areas.

The Courier Mail

US Soldiers Did Nothing But Masturbate

Brokeback Mountain star Jake Gyllenhall, shocked American Gulf War veterans by joking they did nothing but "masturbate" during their time in the desert in 1991. The 25-year-old who stars in Jarhead, a movie which exposes US soldiers' lack of combat in the Middle Eastern conflict said: "The US soldiers were sent to the desert for 122 days and they sat in the same tent and did nothing, except a little too much masturbating."

True or not we will never know but hey I bet some would love to see that sight.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Sandra Sully Wanted in The Bikkini

A men's Zoo magazine has offered newshound Sandra Sully $40,000 to take a peak at waht she's got behind the desk. Zoo has offered the money to Ms Sully to pose in her bathers after she topped a survey of newsreaders men would most likely to see in their swimmers.

Sandra polled more than three times her nearest rivals, Naomi Robson and Jessica rowe. No word yet if Sandra will take up the offer.

Literary Pioneer Of Sexual Liberation

Perhaps fittingly, it was Lady Chatterly's Lover that brought D.H.Lawrence to the attention of young people in the '60s. The book had never been published in England, since Lawrence, had known it would never make it past the censors. Instead, he published it privately in Italy and distributed it himself. But in 1959 Penguin decided to bring out and English edition of the book.

It was imediatelly declared obscene and the publisher was prosecuted under the Obscene Publications Act. The resulting trial received enormous publicity, which of course, brought Lawrence to the attention of a mass market. When the book was finally delcared not to be obscene, it became a bestseller. Lawrence became known as the author of Lady Chatterly's Lover - and helped to usher in new era of sexual liberation.

The book expresses Lawrence's own belief that sex is not shameful but beautiful, that the body should be free and that through sexual relationships, individuals could connect with the Earth and its primitive, powerful rhythms. But his influence on the '60s generation went beyond this.

Perhaps ironically, the trial had rehabilitated Lawrence as a serious writer and as result, as Chris Baldick notes, his less sensational novels began to appear on the school syllabus: "For the growing number of teachers in the '60s who saw the role of literature as one of fostering imaginative resistance to a utilitarian culture, Lawrence became in this sense a touchstone of human values."

In this way, the things Lawrence had explored in his own life - joy in the body, the significance of the sexual relationship, the mystical marriage of male and female - became a part of the thinking of a new generation.

Ann-Marie Priest (Courier Mail)

Abuse In The Nursing Home

Brisbane,AU -- A sunshine Coast man has been charged with sexually abusing three intellectually impared elderly women at a retirement village on numerous occasions in 2004 and 2005. The 51-year-old man, who cannot be named, was not required to appear for mention of the charges at the Maroochydore Magistrates court. The man, from Looloolaba, is facing seven counts of indecently treating an intellectually impaired adult. The alleged offeces against women, aged 85, 87 and 92, happened while he worked as a nurse's aide at a Buderim retirement village.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Managers Nude Party Hushed Up

Brisbane, AU -- Authorities have refused to reopen an investigation into reports that ambulance managers frolicked with naked women at a drunken party. The ferusal is despite claims of a cover-up. Sources told The Sunday Mail the complaint had been swept under the carpet.

"Invastigations are not worth the paper they are written on," an informant said. "Take the case of the two senior QAS officers who attended a chartiy event golf day..and were fraternising and photographed with naked pormotional girls while on duty. It is common knowleddge that this behaviour involved senior officers."

The whistleblower said a formal complaint was lodged with management.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Queensland Sex Crimes Last Week

Queensland, AU

1. An early morning jogger was sexually attacked while running along a Brisbane street last week. A man tackled the 36-year-old woman from behind and forced her behind a parked car on Davis RD at Ashgrove, in the city's inner west.

A police spokesman said the offender tried to muffle the woman's cries for help, but eventually let her go after she screamed. He was last seen running into Milpera St. The man is described as in his 30s Caucasian with a fit, muscular build, short , piky light brown/ginger colored hair and a three-day facial hair growth.

2. In the city's outer west, a girl was indecently assaulted as he walked to school. The girl, 12, was walking across the Powenyenna sports oval toward Oxley Rd at chelmer when a man approached her from behind about 8:20 am. She told the police he put his arm around her neck and put his hands into the back pockets of her trackpants. She struggled free and ran to school The offender was aged 16 to 20 and 170-175cm tall, and wore a grey duffle coat, with a hood over his head, and beige trousers.

3. A Queensland police officer stationed in a rural area is under investigation over allegations he sexually assaulted a woman while she was unconscious. The incident allegedly occurred early yesterday morning in the private vehicle of the off-duty police officer, who cannot be identified for legal reason.

It was understood the woman, who was drinking with friend at a hotel on Thursday night, previously rejected the officer's advances. Both women have provided police with blood tests to ascertain whether their drink had been spiked. The sources said the women had difficulty recalling what happened through the night, with their last clear recollection being at the hotel where they drank three or four wines.

It is understood the friend of the woman told police that she woke up in the back seat of the officer's car early yesterday and allegedly saw him fondling her friend who was unconscious in the front seat. The friend allegedly was physically incapacitated and unable to move. The officer then allegedly dropped her at the gate of her family's property. The officer allegedly dropped of the other woman at their home hours later.

4. A judge has agreed not to record a conviction against a man caught with child pronography partly because of the onerous nature of the reporting conditions he was told the man would be obliged to follow. Computer programmer Rober John Crane, 35, pleaded guilty to possessing six images - contained on discs foun at his Bribie Island home last year - when he faced Brisbane District Court yesterday.

Some images depicted young girl undressing, other showed a girl being indecently touched. Defence counsel Frank Martin urged Judge Tony Skoien not to record a conviction against Crane - because it could impact on his ability to travel overseas for work and would man he must report his whereabouts to police of the next eight years. Judge Skoien fined him $2500 and allowed him three months to pay.

Mr Fahey A Prostitute Killer From Australia

Brisbane,AU -- A Brisbane prostitute is expected to receive $100,000 - the largest State Government reward paid in Queensland - after she helped police arrest prostitute killer Francis Michael Fahey. Evidence given by the woman was central to the police investigation which led to the conviction of former ambulance officer Fahey for the murder of two Fortitude Valley prostitutes.

Police Minister Judy Spence yesterday told State Parlament the $100,000 reward would be paid but she would not confirm the recipient's name. "This person's involvement greatly assisted police in identifying the suspect," she said. Police said the woman was working in The Valley in February 2003 when Fahey propositioned her. She rejected his request. He later propositioned Julie Louse McColl whose naked body was found with 24 stab wounds at Bald Hills.

The woman later helped police compile a description of Fahey and also described his utility, which led police to him. Last week in the Supreme Court in Brisbane, he was sentenced to two life terms for the brutal murders of McColl and Jasmin Crathern.

The largest reward previously paid out by the State Government was $45,000 in 2001.

Mr Fahey Serial Rapist From New Zealand

Less then a week out for the local elections, Morgan Francis Fahey should have been feeling optimistic. He was a pillar of the community, an international expert in trauma medicine and over many years he had done a large amount of voluntary work. The silver haired, 68-year-old stood for public safety, more police resources and to maintain Christchurch reputation as the “safest city”. The local doctor was becoming somewhat of a celebrity. But as the nation settled down to watch TV3’s 20/20 current affairs programme, Morgan Fahey’s reputation as protector changed to predator.

Almost 30 year before this, a young woman waited to be seen by Dr Fahey for pregnancy care. Single and new to the area, she had only had a couple of appointments with the doctor, who had been recommended by her flatmate. She entered Fahey’s office and they discussed pain relief options and in particular hypnotic methods. Before long the conversation had turned to a much more sexual nature. Although she felt uncomfortable, the seven-month pregnant woman trusted the man, as he was a health professional. As he violated her with a vibrator then raped her on his exam table it was clear that the trust was misplaced and he neither cared for her health nor was he in anyway professional.

Ten years on a mother of two sat in Dr Fahey’s office, when he asked her to undress and put on a gown she did so. As he talked about ways of enhancing her sex life with her husband, he touched her then proceeded to masturbate. The woman in her early twenty’s was horrified and shocked. She left and vowed never to return. Upon getting extremely sick her husband called Dr Fahey and asked him to visit her at home. The doctor sat on the bed and proceeded to touch her under the covers, she screamed to her husband to remove the man. Unbelievably Doctor Fahey visited her again this time without any request and asked if she was lonely and needed company. So horrified were the couple that they immigrated to Australia.

These are just a couple of the stories that came to light about Dr Fahey and there is no doubt Christchurch residents watched in horror and disbelief as 20/20 unfolded the real story of Morgan Fahey and his darker side. The broadcast included allegations of professional and sexual misconduct from 3 former patients. This was to be followed with another programme in which a former patient confronted Fahey at his office in Shirley Medical Centre. However Fahey obtained an injunction against the story and it was not aired until the court of appeal overturned it in December.

By this time the police had 11 complainants and a statement from another and a video in which the former Christchurch deputy major had said “sorry if this happened. I can’t recall” when questioned by the former patient

Morgan Francis Fahey was finally jailed on 01 June 2000 for rape, sexual violation and indent assault. He pleaded guilty in the High Court at Christchurch to 13 charges of sexually abusing 11 female patients over 30 years. Among the charges he admitted to raping the seven-month pregnant patient on his exam table, using a vibrator on another and fondling the breasts of a prospective Ansett NZ flight attendant during medical examination. (Fahey had become known as “Fingers” within the airline). He received four years for the rape charge, two more years on sexual violation count, One year jail on using a vibrator and six months jail on three charges involving Ansett flight attendants (served concurrently)

During the trail 68-year-old Fahey was said to have showed a lack of insight and remorse, leading Prime Minister Helen Clark to ask the queen to strip his OBE that was received in 1977 for services to the community. This was removed in August 2000, as the queen accepted Fahey’s resignation via mail. Then in October 2000, he was struck off the register and forced to pay 75% of his prosecution costs by the Medical Practitioners' Disciplinary Tribunal.

In an appeal brought about by the Solicitor General, the high court failed to increase Fahey’s sentence to 10 years as requested, leaving the sentence at 6.

Disgraced Fahey appeared in the media again in November 2001, when a cell search uncovered medical notes from former patients, cash and pornography. Legally Fahey is able to retain any patients’ notes. An internal inquiry on how Fahey had managed to obtain the documents and pornography was launched with in the correction department soon after.

Sex Case In Papua New Guinea Hindered

Port Moresby -- The parents of a six year old girl allegedly raped by a 28 year old relative in Papua New guinea highland village had hindered police from laying charges saying it was a family matter, police said yesterday. Child rape has become a national issue in recent months after sex attacks on girls as young as five and pack rapes of teenagers.

The Courier Mail

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Former Mass. Town Offical Arrested In Web Sex Sting

PLYMOUTH, Mass. --A former Southborough selectman has been arrested for the second time in a week on allegations that he solicited sex from a police detective he thought was an underage girl.

William J. Christensen, 59, pleaded not guilty Tuesday to new charges he tried to arrange a sexual encounter with a 13-year-old girl who actually was a police officer.

Christensen, voted off the Southborough Board of Selectmen last week after 12 years in office, was out on bail after being arrested last Wednesday in East Providence, R.I., where he allegedly traveled to meet a detective he believed was a 15-year-old girl.

Police said Christensen had allegedly arranged two encounters last week.

"We didn't know that he was engaged in a chat with another police officer," said Marshfield Police Detective Steven Marcolini.

Christensen allegedly planned to meet the 13-year-old girl at a mall in Hanover on Friday, but it never happened because he was arrested Wednesday at an East Providence apartment complex.

Marcolini, whose office ran the Massachusetts sting, said his charges remained despite the canceled meeting.

Christensen was arraigned in Plymouth District Court on charges of attempting to entice a child, and attempting to disseminate harmful matter to a child. He allegedly sent sexually graphic photos to the undercover officer.

Christensen was arrested at his Southborough home on Tuesday morning. He was being held on $4,000 bail. He had posted $1,000 bail from the East Providence arrest, charged with one count of indecent solicitation.

His attorney, Jeffrey Pine, said, "Without evaluating the police statement and evidence, there's very little I can say about the substance of the charges."

Source: Associated Press

Sex Change Woman Wins Pension Fight

A SEX-CHANGE woman who was told that she must wait for her pension until the male pension age of 65 was a victim of a breach of human rights, European judges ruled yesterday.

Linda Grant, now 68, from St Albans, was awarded £1,100 in damages and £19,000 in costs by the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg because of the Government’s refusal to recognise her female status and give her a pension from the age of 60.

That violated her “right to respect for private and family life”, enshrined in the European Convention on Human Rights, the judges held.

Ms Grant lived as a man until the age of 24, serving in the Army for three years and then working as a police officer. After sex-change surgery, Ms Grant’s birth certificate continued to describe her as male, although she was identified as a woman on her National Insurance card.

She also paid National Insurance contributions at the female rate until the difference in rates between men and women was abolished in 1975.

She applied for a state pension from her 60th birthday, but was told she would have to wait until 65, the pensionable age for men, because the decision was governed by gender details on the birth certificate.

Her appeal was turned down, but she demanded that her case be reopened when the European Court judges backed a similar case brought in 2002 by Christine Goodwin.

A year ago Ms Grant was issued with a gender recognition certificate under the Government’s new Gender Recognition Act which gave legal recognition to “acquired gender” for social security benefits and pension rights. Yesterday the human rights judges praised the Government’s “laudable” speed in drafting and passing new gender recognition legislation in the wake of the Goodwin verdict.

But they added: “It is not the case that that process (changing the law) could be regarded as in any way suspending the applicant’s victim status.”

Ms Grant’s “victim status” only came to an end when the new legislation came into force, but there had been no justification for failing to recognise her sex-change situation from the moment of the Goodwin judgment three years before.

Yesterday’s ruling comes after a judgment in the separate EU court, the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg, which declared earlier this month that the Government’s refusal to give a sex-change woman a pension at the age of 60 was illegal under EU equality laws. That judgment said that the right not to be discriminated against on grounds of sex was one of the fundamental human rights that the EU court — as well as the European Court of Human Rights — had a duty to uphold.

In the 2002 case of the former bus driver Christine Goodwin, the European Court found that Britain’s failure to recognise her new identity in law breached her rights under the European Convention on Human Rights. Ms Goodwin had argued that her human rights had been denied because she was unable to draw a pension until she was 65.

Ms Goodwin, who had a full sex-change operation in 1990, told the court that she was not given a new National Insurance number after the operation. She had experienced sexual harassment and embarrassment at work after her employers discovered that she had formerly been a man.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

British Sex Slaves Cult

British authorities have uncovered a bizarre sex-slavery cult whose followers base their lives on 1960s science fiction novels after a report that a Canadian was being held there against her will.

According to a report from the British Broadcasting Corp, police discovered the bizarre sect after raiding a home in the suburbs of the northeastern British town of Darlington.

However, when police called at the house, they found no evidence of criminal activity and said all those involved were "consenting adults."

The 29-year-old Canadian woman reportedly joined the sect after reading about it on the Internet.

She told a friend in the United States that she wanted to leave but couldn't because the sect had burnt her passport and return ticket. Her friend called British police, who subsequently conducted the raid.

But upon arriving at the premises, a police spokesman told the BBC they did not find any evidence of "criminal offences."

Authorities also investigated claims from a father in Essex who expressed concern his 18-year-old son was being trained to be "a master of his own sex slaves".

Officers who spoke to the teenager said they had no grounds to get involved because they were satisfied that he was at the property voluntarily.

Lee Thompson, 31, who lives at the property that was raided, described himself to reporters as a master who trains slaves.

Thompson told the Northern Echo that: "I have been called sick but I don't think what I do is bad."

He said about 350 followers met regularly in pubs and clubs around Britain's north-east.

Thompson, who was banned from a butcher's shop in the town for turning up with a woman on a leash, said that female members of the cult cooked and cleaned as part of their responsibilities, but there was also "an element of sexual domination."

The so-called Kaotian sect follow the Chronicles of Gor novels, which depict a society that is divided into castes and where women are kept as slaves.

Kaotians are a splinter group of the Goreans, who base their lives on a series of novels written by John Norman, the pen name of American university professor John Frederick Lange.

Fascination with the books has spread since the advent of the Internet, where there are sites, chatrooms and role-playing games dedicated to the fictional land of Gor.

"It works on the system that some women have a desire to serve. Most people think it is a very sexual thing, but it is about every action that they make, they do it for their master," Thompson said.

"Saying that, the girls will do everything they are told when it comes to sex, but it is all voluntary and all safe. I use Internet chatrooms to meet people, the girls are quite willing."

Elmhurst USA - The Sex News City

Sex In The City may now be referring to the city of Elmhurst. At least that's what Google's newest service, Google Trends, says.West suburban Elmhurst leads the nation in surfing the Internet for news stories about sex.

The population of Elmhurst is about 43,000. It's a town known for its tree-lined streets; its college, which is routinely ranked as one of America's best; and now, sex. Well, sex searches that is.

According to a new service provided by Internet search engine Google, in April the Elmhurst area ranked No. 1 in searching the Net for news stories about sex. It's a ranking that's hard to believe for some long-time residents. "I can't say that sexuality has dominated the conversations I have with my neighbors. I think it comes up in kind of a normal fashion," said resident Jude Hines.Jim Bersell was equally suspicious. "It's hard to believe that, you know, from the town that you come from you have statistics such as that. I don't really think this town is any different than anywhere else," he said.

The new tracking service is called Google Trends. It allows you to find out what topic is most "Googled" in any particular area. The newly discovered ranking had many of Elmhurst's lunchtime crowd talking about the town's new dubious distinction. "I think people should maybe lighten up a little bit. I think George Michael said, 'Sex is natural. Sex is good. Not everbody does it,'" Fadil Lee told Perez.

Being the top town that searches for news stories about sex is not exactly what many here had in mind when they settled in the suburb, but most are quick to admit that they don't take this new ranking too seriously. "Kiddingly, maybe they're bored," Hines said. "You know, staying at home can be tedious, so perhaps when the kids are taking a nap? It's just a thought. "Elmhurst resident Kristi Fasteson might have an explanation. "Maybe it's the same person. Maybe it's all coming from one house; I don't know," she said.

Taking a more serious approach, Rosaleen Canniff warned, "I think you have to be very careful. You can't look at any statistics too positively or too negatively."Google admits that the new service is in its early stages and its information is based on just a portion of its searches. The company said numbers are based on an automated formula and no one's personal information is reviewed.

Copyright 2006 by All rights reserved.

Sex For Water

A 72-year-old US mayor has been charged over claims he solicited sex from two women who fell behind with water bills.

Troy Anderson, mayor of Waldron in Arkansas, is accused of seeking sex from the women in exchange for ensuring their water was not turned off. He was released on bond after being charged with abusing the public trust and patronising a prostitute.

He did not return calls asking him to comment, said the AP news agency. A court hearing has been set for 6 July. One woman said she had been having sex with Mr Anderson for money for eight to 10 years, according to an affidavit.

She said she was paid $25 (£13) per sexual encounter and was given $60 to pay a late water deposit in exchange for sex. Mr Anderson also allowed her to change the name on her overdue water bill to keep the service running, the affidavit said.

She wore a recording device in February when she was picked up by Mr Anderson for a sexual encounter, the authorities said.

Arraignment hearing

A second woman who was also behind on her water bills said he had tried to solicit sex from her for seven years, the affidavit said.

She also wore a recording device when she met the mayor in January at an apartment to seek his help in getting custody of her granddaughter from the authorities. According to the affidavit, he offered her $100 for sex, grabbed her and exposed himself.

Mr Anderson was first elected mayor of Waldron, 100 miles west of Little Rock, in 1998.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Britain's Youngest and Oldest Mums

London -- A schoolgirl who became pregnant at 11 is set to break the record for being Britain's youngest mother. Now aged 12, the Scottish chain-smoker said she was "really excited" about having a child after losing her virginity to a 15-year-old. She is due to give birth in a few weeks, breaking the record set by Jenny Teague, of Dorset in England's south, who had a baby in 1997 at the age of 12 years and nine months.

She feared she might be pregnant after having unprotected sex with the boy on a night out with friends in Edinburgh last August. The pregnancy was confirmed with the help of a supermarket home-testing kit. Her 34-year-old mother, who had given birth to a boy only days before, was initially unhappy at the pregnancy, but later pledged to support her daughter.

The mum-to-be, who smokes up to 20 cigarettes a day, according to the newspaper, said she hoped the baby would be a boy, expressing fondness for the name Leo. "I am enjoying being pregnant - even thought I get a bit of a sore back and sore ribs," she said. While she was worried about stretch marks, the father-to-be, who can not be identified could face legal action.

The news comes a week after 63-year-old child psychiatrist Patricia Rashbrook revealed she was on course to become Britain's oldest mother. She is seven months pregnant after fertility treatment by controversial Italian expert Severino Anionori, the man famous for his attempts to clone babies. Twice married Dr. Rashbrook, who already has two children, aged 26 and 22, had IVF treatment in Rome. She and husband John Farrant, 61, are believed to have spent as much as $100,000 on the IVF treatment.

Women Pimps Blackmailed Women Into Prostitution

INDIA -- Specially constituted team of the Central Bureau of Investigation formally took over the charge from the Jammu and Kashmir police in the alleged sex scandal case that has been rocking the valley for over a week now.

The investigation team according to a press handout issued by the CBI on Thursday evening would be headed by an officer of the rank of deputy inspector general of police and he would be assisted by three lady police officers.

"The CBI has taken up the investigation of FIR No. 20/2006 dated14.3.2006 of Shaheed Ganj Police Station, Srinagar on the request of the J&K government. The case was registered on Wednesday," the note said.

State government has requested the CBI to probe the case as it wanted fair and impartial investigations into the sex scandal in which 43 women including teenaged girls were forcibly pushed into prostitution by a woman pimp and some other who thrived on sex racket.

These girls were blackmailed by the pimps who had taken nude clips of the girls and women in action and threatened to expose them if they did not oblige.

According to the Jammu and Kashmir police names of senior police officers and several political bigwigs are likely to figure during the investigations. Already two deputy superintendents of police have been summoned for questioning.

"CBI dispatched a team headed by a DIG to Srinagar to investigate the allegation of sexual exploitation of women on Thursday. The CBI team will carry out the investigation with promptness and utmost transparency, however high and mighty the culprits may be. The team also has women officers in it," said the CBI press release.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Porn Cache Sacking in NSW

A company's decision to sack and "exemplary" employee for storing pornography on his work laptop was justified, even though he had been sent the images by senior managers, a NSW tribunal has found. Richard Budlong, 56, was dismissed from his job at technology company NCR Australia on June 7 last year, after 31 years of service. He then launched an unfair dismissal case in the NSW Industrial Relations Commission.

Mr. Budlong's sacking was a result of an NCR investigation that found he had breached the company's IT policy prohibiting the accessing , viewing, storing and sending of pornographic material. The investigation was sparked by a colleague who reported Mr. Budlong for accessing a single X-rated image at work. A forensic investigation of his laptop found at least 175 pornographic images in a hard drive folder.

Mr. Budlong, who had received 26 performance awards during his career, argued he had been sent explicitly pornographic images form a range of senior colleagues since 2000. He said he was not overly concerned about the images because he argued NCR "had a workplace culture which tolerated the distribution of such material."

Student Risk Expulsion For Sex Video

Queensland,AU -- Four north Queensland university students face Possible expulsion after they posted a sex video featuring a female student on an internal campus website. The four teenagers will face disciplinary action after Townsville-based James Cook University became aware of the video last week. Three of them have been evicted from their college accommodation while investigations continue.

It is understood the video was recorded last year by one of the men who was in a relationship with the girl at the time. The video then appeared on a file sharing intranet site hosted by the university. A JCU spokesman said it was unknown how long the file had been online. He said the university became aware of the video when the student made a complaint last Thursday.

The Courier Mail

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Public Sex Bust: The Backstory

May is arraignment month for our favorite pair of Florida exhibitionists. As you may recall, Amber Mumma and Marcelo Gonzalez were arrested last month for lewd conduct after a Tampa cop observed the pair getting busy in a parking lot as strangers watched. Details of the couple's public tryst are contained in a Tampa Police Department report just released to TSG. A copy of that rather graphic document can be found below. Gonzalez, 23, pleaded not guilty yesterday during a Circuit Court appearance, while Mumma, 19, is scheduled for her misdemeanor arraignment on May 15.

According to the police report, the intoxicated arrestees were spotted pressed up against a car in the parking lot of Peabody's Billiards as several onlookers (including one guy snapping away with a camera phone) watched their outdoor performance. Gonzalez and Mumma, pictured above in Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office mug shots, both work at Moe's Southwest Grill, a Tampa restaurant.

Wife Forced Into "Sex Slave" Agreement?

A kinky "slavery contract" may play a central role in a messy divorce case involving a Wisconsin businessman and his estranged wife, who allegedly agreed to the bizarre pact several years before their 2005 marriage.

The six-page unsigned pact, a copy of which you'll find below, spells out explicit rules for the relationship between "Master" Kevin Anderson and "slave" Kimberly O'Brien. The contract, which notes that it is "no way legally binding in a court of law," also stipulates what kind of punishment would be meted out by Anderson, 50, if O'Brien, 45, violated its terms.

The contract was filed as an exhibit to a civil complaint filed in late-March by O'Brien, who claims that her estranged husband forced her into the slavery deal and later beat her for violating a separate demand that she remain naked at all times while in the couple's home. As first reported by the Pioneer Press's Kevin Harter, O'Brien's complaint seeks $60 million in damages from Anderson, who has denied her abuse allegations. A similarly bizarre "Contract of Wifely Expectations" surfaced in mid-February in connection with prosecution of Travis Frey, an Iowa man who was convicted last month of sex abuse and domestic assault.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Sex Crimes Coverup By Vatican

(CBS) For decades, priests in this country abused children in parish after parish while their superiors covered it all up. Now it turns out the orders for this cover up were written in Rome at the highest levels of the Vatican. CBS News Correspondent Vince Gonzales has uncovered a church document kept secret for 40 years.

The confidential Vatican document, obtained by CBS News, lays out a church policy that calls for absolute secrecy when it comes to sexual abuse by priests - anyone who speaks out could be thrown out of the church. The policy was written in 1962 by Cardinal Alfredo Ottaviani.

The document, once "stored in the secret archives" of the Vatican, focuses on crimes initiated as part of the confessional relationship and what it calls the "worst crime": sexual assault committed by a priest" or "attempted by him with youths of either sex or with brute animals."

Bishops are instructed to pursue these cases "in the most secretive way...restrained by a perpetual silence...and everyone {including the alleged victim) to observe the strictest secret, which is commonly regarded as a secret of the Holy Office...under the penalty of excommunication."

Larry Drivon, a lawyer who represents alleged victims, said, “This document is significant because it's a blueprint for deception.”

Drivon said this proves what he has alleged on behalf of victims in priest-abuse lawsuits: that the church engaged in a crime – racketeering.

“It's an instruction manual on how to deceive and how to protect pedophiles,” Drivon said. "And exactly how to avoid the truth coming out."

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops said the document is being taken out of context, that it's a church law that deals only with religious crimes and sins. And that the secrecy is meant to protect the faithful from scandal.

“The idea that this is some sort of blueprint to keep this secret is simply wrong,” said Msgr. Francis Maniscalco, a spokesman for the Conference.

“This is a system of law which is complete in itself and is not telling the bishops in any way about how to handle these crimes when they are considered as civil crimes,” Maniscalco said.

But Richard Sipe, a former priest who has written about sex abuse and secrecy in the church, said the document sends a chilling message.

“This is the code for how you must deal with sex by priests. You keep it secret at all costs,” Sipe said. “And that's what's happened. It's happened in every diocese in this country.”

According to church records, the document was a bedrock of Catholic sex abuse policy until America's bishops met last summer and drafted new policies to address the crisis in the church.

©MMIII, CBS Broadcasting Inc.

Generation Sex - Promiscuity Makes The Grade On Campus

CBN News - One book that President Bush has apparently been recommending to fellow readers is Tom Wolfe's "I Am Charlotte Simmons", an R-rated behind-the-scenes look at just how wild today's universities have become. Wolfe details how sex is frequently reduced to heartless hookups and binge drinking, which leads to many risky, almost-anonymous sexual encounters. CBN News checked in with students at several top campuses to see if Wolfe got it right.

Wolfe is known for doing exhaustive research, and for "I Am Charlotte Simmons" he spent many months interviewing students and hanging out on campuses, absorbing the atmosphere. Students that CBN News talked to admit that Wolfe captured a stark truth: that many college kids throw themselves into soulless sex, a series of meaningless sexual encounters, often fueled by almost killer amounts of alcohol.

Wolfe's book has put a spotlight on what many parents might consider an alarming decadence on many modern American campuses.

Sarah Longwell lectures at dozens of campuses a year, often talking to students about sex. She read Wolfe’s “I am Charlotte Simmons,” and said, "If I were a parent and I were reading this, and I had a child either about to go to college or in college, I'd say 'that's it; we're home-schooling you until you're 22.'"

Dr. Joe McIlhaney of Austin's Medical Institute for Sexual Health said, "One of the high-level administrators at one of these universities said, ‘We all know the kids are doing too much sex, too much drugs and too much alcohol. We just hope to get them out of here alive.’"

So what is going on behind these walls in universities around the country?

"Alice" (not her real name) just graduated from college, and said, "Some of my friends like, will wake up in the morning and go, 'like, who is this person next to me?'"

Student Milton Solorzano of Stanford University said, "There's definitely a sense that you can get away with a lot more here than you can at home.”

Amaury Gallais from University of California -Berkeley, remarked, "On Valentine's, they pass out condoms and little worksheets on how to have safe sex. What's really outrageous is they address all the different sexual positions."

Andrea Rasmussen, also of U.C.-Berkeley, said, "They have naked parties, where they sit out on their lawns and have a picnic and they're just naked!"

Longwell said that Wolfe’s book actually captured well "...that students aren't actually seeking out real romantic connections; that it's more a product of alcohol and a lack of values that's leading to this hookup culture on campus."

Lindsey Kane is a Christian singer on the rise in the music business. She is also a recent Texas A & M graduate. She said, "People are having sex a lot with other people without any commitment. Now the guys don't have to work as hard. The girls are gung-ho for it. [Guys] can go to a bar and the chances of them hooking up with a girl are pretty good."

Longwell commented, "You've sort of got a free-for-all; everybody acting on every urge that could possibly enter into their minds."

Alice, for most of her time at college, gave herself over to the worst kind of excesses that Wolfe writes about. She said, "Like, there've been times when I've been so drunk, like, I have no idea of what's going on, and I wake up in the morning, and like, 'What just happened? What happened between us?"

She often slept with guys who were just friends. "We met up at a bar and both were pretty drunk,” Alice recalled. “And [we] ended up, like, having just a sexual relationship on top of our friendship. And that's what a lot of people do.”

She added, “Every time I've slept with someone [for] the first time, it was because I was drinking."

Dr. McIlhaney said, "Most college young people are involved in sexual activity of some type or the other. At least 75 percent have been involved in sexual intercourse."

As with many students, one of the major characteristics of Alice's sexual encounters is that nearly all were induced by liquor, drunk in stunning amounts.

Longwell said, "Drinking is probably the paramount reason that there seems to be a different sexual ethos on campus, as opposed to everywhere else on the planet."

Some students say the atmosphere of "anything goes" is actually encouraged by what some college administrations allow on campus.

Gallais commented, "There is a member of the Berkeley faculty who specializes in pornography. They have movies we can check out, and they have a special collection for her class, with pornographic films."

At the University of California-Davis, student Ryan Clumpner remarked, "During Generation Sex Week, they do outrageous things, like they have a fetish fair, they brought in a leather-man in from Sacramento, they had a sex toys workshop."

The loose atmosphere is also partly the fault of the way some young women are acting and dressing on campus these days.

U.C.-Berkeley’s Rasmussen said, “I think there's a big push from the female side, especially in the social aspect, to make themselves sex objects, because this campus is apparently known for not having 'hot girls.'

Ben Chapman of U.C.-Berkeley added, "You see a lot of the girls coming around and they're wearing next to nothing, and it could be like absolute[ly] frigid in the morning."

Kane wrote a song about a Christian friend of hers who backslid into heavy sexual sin at college. She said, "One night she was over at my house and had been drinking, and was very, very drunk, and she was just crying, because she didn't want it to be like that."

Why would college kids choose to lead such libertine lifestyles? Dr. McIlhaney says many literally do not know any better: No adults ever told them they should, or even can, lead lives of sexual purity. He says this is as true for Christians as non-believers.

Dr. McIlhaney said, "The Christian church isn't taking this seriously. Indeed, the rates of promiscuity among Christian young people are almost as high as those among youthful non-believers. There's only a four-percent difference in the Christian kids' sexual activity and the secular kids' sexual activity."

Alice commented, "Like, the guys, a lot of the guys I've had relationships with are Christians."

Kane said, "If I went to college and I had a whole big group of Christian friends, I would say half of them stayed on the straight and narrow, and then I would say half of them fell into the temptations of college."

Kane sang, "Will there ever be a change in this struggle? This war between darkness and light is waged again..."

She remarked that it's becoming increasingly hard for young people to keep their sexual purity on today's campuses.

Kane added, "Honestly, but only by the grace of God, I'm a virgin. There's something about that lifestyle of 'going out, having fun, let's drink' and then your defenses go down and then you do things that you wouldn't normally do if you were totally conscious."

Now, certainly there are lots of students, like Kane, who decide to avoid sex in their college years. But for the students who do mess around, there is apparently an attitude on campus that they can do whatever crazy acts they want to now, because they can just leave that all behind when they graduate.

But Dr. McIlhaney says there are many lasting consequences, both physically and emotionally, of too much sex, too soon. "There's a significant increase in depression and a significant increase in attempted suicide," he said.

Some 20 percent of sexually-active adolescents now have herpes, 10 percent have Chlamydia, and 50 percent of the sexually-active girls have the human papaloma virus.

Parents may feel most of this is none of their business -- their college-age kids are grownups, old enough to be careful about sex. But McIlhaney pointed us to recent studies of the brain that show that the main area that controls decision-making, the pre-frontal cortex, does not actually mature in most people until they are in their mid-20s.

"When we take young people to college and shake their hands or hug them goodbye at the front door when they're 18 years old and say, 'Well, they're mature now,’ we're making a terrible mistake,” McIlhaney asserted, “because these kids' abilities to make good judgment decisions aren't even complete till they're out of college."

Alice remarked, "I mean, there's a couple of times I was, like, 'What are you doing?' But for the most part, I was just like, 'living in the moment.'"

War On Sex

First, they want to take away your right to choose. (That’s obvious.) Then, they want to take away your right to contraception — as we’ve seen here in Massachusetts, where reproductive-rights advocates had to fight for access to emergency contraception. But the last straw, says author Cristina Page, is that the anti-choice movement wants to take away sex.

“The number-one goal is to completely change the way in which Americans live and enjoy their lives — in particular, their sex lives,” says Page, author of How the Pro-Choice Movement Saved America: Freedom, Politics and the War on Sex (Basic Books, 2006).

Take pharmacists who refuse to fill contraceptive prescriptions. Page, who serves as vice-president of the Institute for Reproductive Health Access of NARAL Pro-Choice New York, believes they are punishing women for having what they consider “inappropriate, simply-for-pleasure sex.”

In her book, Page outlines the pro-life movement’s broad and multifaceted assault on contraception — one that puzzles her, given the fact that increased contraceptive access and use would reduce the abortion rate.

She admits that the pro-life movement does a better job than its pro-choice counterpart at dominating repro-rights rhetoric, “creating a cultural debate that’s based on slogans and placards.” The public thinks it’s mostly about abortion, but in reality, “they are engaged in a war on contraception,” Page says. “I think the agenda has broadened and changed, and it’s much more sinister than people realized. America should wake up. The debate is no longer about abortion: it’s about our sex lives.”

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Shere Hite - On Female Sexuality In The 21st Century

Thirty years ago a book by an unknown American writer took the world by storm. Its author, a young graduate student, had debunked one of the great myths about female sexuality: that most women should be able to have orgasms through sexual intercourse. The idea that something was wrong with popular assumptions about sex, not women, was so radical that it propelled Shere Hite to instant fame.

Her timing could not have been better. Disappointment with the sexual revolution of the 1960s had prompted a fever of intellectual excitement among women, with one big feminist book after another on the bestseller lists. Six years earlier Germaine Greer had told women they were female eunuchs; now here was another brilliant young woman explaining why.

Ever since Freud, women had been faking orgasms during coitus and worrying that there was something wrong with them. Even talking publicly about such things was taboo and Hite struggled to find a language which wasn't medical or embarrassing for the more than 3,000 women who agreed to fill in a detailed questionnaire about their sex lives.

When she published their responses in The Hite Report: A Nationwide Study of Female Sexuality, it revolutionised the way American women thought about their bodies. A year later, in 1977, the book came out in the UK and British women excitedly passed copies to their friends, spreading Hite's message that conventional sex placed unrealistic expectations on women.

The British edition also produced her first hostile review - a warning, although Hite did not know it (omega) at the time, of much worse to come. "In my idealism I thought I could connect with those who wanted to hear what I was saying," she says. "I was making the point that clitoral stimulation wasn't happening during coitus. That's why women 'have difficulty having orgasms' - they don't have difficulty when they stimulate themselves. Shouldn't we just rethink the idea of what sex is and what equality is? That's what I went around the country saying."

In the 1970s, talking about masturbation was still regarded as shocking, but it was central to Hite's argument. She wasn't attacking men but trying to educate both sexes about the biological facts behind sexual pleasure. But if her insistence on listening to women was innovative, her linking of sex and human rights - the idea that what happens during sex raises questions of equality and fairness - was revolutionary.

Her first bad review in this country opened up a line of attack that would later be taken up ferociously by the Christian right in the US, which chose to characterise her work as an attack on the family. These days, the notion that women learning how to achieve sexual pleasure might destroy relationships between men and women seems bizarre, but almost from the start Hite's work alarmed considerable numbers of people.

If they found her ideas scary, Hite herself confounded popular assumptions about feminists. She was clever, unassuming and beautiful, so much so that she was able to support herself as a graduate student at Columbia University in New York in the early 1970s through part-time modelling. Hite's beauty is disarming, possibly even terrifying, judging by the fury she arouses in her critics. Indeed it is hard to believe she is now 63, or that she came to prominence at a moment when cosmetics and attractive clothes were "anathema" to the women's movement, as she recalls in an essay in her new book, The Shere Hite Reader.

In the early years of the women's movement, feminists rejected patriarchal demands that they should make themselves as attractive as possible to men. This led to recriminations when some of the leading lights, including Hite, started asking if wearing lipstick really was incompatible with being a feminist. Perhaps the most potent symbol of this rejection of beauty was Hite's friend, the late Andrea Dworkin, a radical feminist cruelly mocked for her appearance. Dworkin's weight made her an easy target for misogynists, who have always tried to dismiss feminists as embittered man-haters, but Hite challenged such stereotypes.

She is soft-spoken, her Missouri accent toned down by years of living in Europe. When we discuss anatomy, she patiently explains the similarities between the clitoris and penis, exploding theories about irreconcilable physical differences between men and women. "You could say the penis is a vertical vulva," she tells me, "or that the vulva is like a horizontal penis."

In retrospect, it isn't really surprising that with each successive book, including The Hite Report on Men and Male Sexuality (1981) and her most radical work, Women and Love: A Cultural Revolution in Progress (1987), the attacks became more vehement and personal. When they culminated in a Time magazine cover attacking her work, Hite says she was "truly amazed". A dozen prominent American feminists, including Dworkin, Gloria Steinem and Stephen Jay Gould, rallied to her defence, arguing that the Time cover was an attack on feminism, with Hite singled out solely because she was the most visible feminist of her time.

This show of support "gave me a lot of confidence", says Hite, but she nevertheless moved to Europe at the end of the 1980s; later, after her divorce from her German husband, she moved to Paris. I get the sense that she is as much European as American these days.

Her conversion to feminism happened almost by chance when she was sent to take part in a TV commercial for Olivetti typewriters. "They were teasing my hair into some ridiculous beehive thing," she recalls. "I said I thought I'd got this commercial because I could type well - and that's when I found out." Hite had been chosen not for her typing skills but her looks; the company's new slogan was "the typewriter that's so smart she doesn't have to be".

"It made me into a feminist," says Hite. "I read about a group of women picketing Olivetti and I joined them." Soon she started attending meetings of the New York chapter of the National Organisation of Women, founded by Betty Friedan, author of another groundbreaking feminist book, The Feminine Mystique. At one of the meetings, the topic for discussion was the female orgasm: did all women have them or none, and did it take place in the vagina or the clitoris?

"There was a lot of silence," Hite remembers, and someone suggested she look into the subject. That's when she discovered how little research had been done and the idea for The Hite Report was born. Later, when the book was finished, she realised it said a lot about men and asked herself whether they too were victims of cultural assumptions. "Are men's human rights being ignored by telling them they have to get an erection every time?" she wanted to know. Such questions prompted The Hite Report on Men, which was republished in an updated form last year.

Hite continues to worry about the pressure on men to perform, arguing that recent medical inventions such as Viagra actually compound the problem. She still uses the questionnaire format she invented for the very first Hite Report, even though it has been criticised as unscientific; this seems a little unfair when the pioneer in the field, Alfred Kinsey, actually based some of his general conclusions about male sexuality on interviews with inmates of American prisons.

Like any clever, successful woman, Hite attracts envy and her looks may at times have been as much a hindrance as a help. In the end, though, she is controversial because of her ideas, which show no sign of drying up. On the contrary, she is once again challenging received opinion, arguing that far from being marginalised since 9/11, questions about the female body and sexuality are central to understanding the world's problems. She believes that religious extremism in the East and West can be seen in large part as a protest against the growing power of women.

"Wearing a garment to cover yourself completely is an attempt to prove you are pure sexually," she says. "But women who put themselves in this position can never be pure enough - you are constantly on trial."

Reactionary attitudes to women's bodies are one of many signals, she argues, that we need a new system of values, based on secular human rights. Three decades on, this feminist icon is as fearless and original as ever.

'The Shere Hite Reader: New and Selected Writings on Sex, Globalization, and Private Life' is published by Seven Stories Press