Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Sex Expert Says Cannibal Didn't Want To Kill

By John O'Donnell

FRANKFURT (Reuters) - A sex expert at the retrial of a German cannibal jailed for killing and consuming a man said on Tuesday the defendant had not been motivated by a desire to kill but by his victim's wish to be eaten.

Armin Meiwes, who was jailed two years ago for killing a computer engineer who had begged to be eaten, is standing trial for the second time after Germany's top criminal court ruled that his eight-year sentence for manslaughter was too lenient.

Prosecutors, hoping to secure a murder conviction, need to show that Meiwes killed his victim to fulfil his own sexual desire or that he planned to distribute for profit part of the videotape he made of the crime.

Meiwes' defence hinges on his victim's request to be eaten and that he was simply fulfilling this desire, a view backed up by a sex psychologist who addressed the court in Frankfurt.

"He (Meiwes) was convinced that he wanted it and that he would live on within him," Klaus Beier told the court. "His motivation was not to kill."

Beier described Meiwes as an affable, self-confident and positive man, who apart from his crime would have done little to attract attention.

He told the court how Meiwes had searched the Internet for a suitable partner, trawling through advertisements including one from a 26-year-old who was looking for "a likeable, older gentleman to read me my death sentence".

His search had been fruitless, however, until he met Bernd-Juergen Brandes, who had advertised for someone to "obliterate his life and leave no trace".

Of the handful of men he met, Meiwes had said, only Brandes had been a truly willing victim.

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