Thursday, April 13, 2006

Serial Pedophile Faces Indefinite Jail Sentence

Brisbane, AU -- Notorious pedophile Mark Anthony Foy faced being returned to an indefinite jail sentence, a court was told last week. Lawyers for the State Government went to the Supreme Court after a Department of Corrections officer made a complaint Foy had breached a supervision order allowing him to remain in the community.

Justice Anthe Philippides ordered Foy to be examined by two psychiatrists before a full hearing in June. She also ordered detail of the allegations against Foy be placed in a sealed envelope to be opened only at the order of a judge.

Lawyer David Shepher, for Foy, had indicated the contents of the complain would be disputed. In January last year, the then attorney-general Rod Welford failed in an application to have Foy detained in jail indefinitely under new Queensland laws. However, Foy, who had a history of molesting children in public places, was ordered to be governed for the next 10 years by 24 supervisory conditions. He was barred from public places containing playgrounds, and also from any public park, or going near schools.

Foy, 44, was first convicted of indecent exposure in 1984 and had more than 20 convictions for child sex offences when he was convicted in 1997 of 10 offences against boys and girls. He was jailed for two years and released in January 1999. In November of that year he molested two girls, 10 and 11, in a park. Six days later he molested seven boys and girls aged six to 12 in a park.

The Courier Mail

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