Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Man Jailed Over Oral Sex Proposition

A WOMAN out for an early morning power walk across Brisbane's Story Bridge was groped on the bottom by a drunk stranger who then invited her to give him oral sex.

Jason Troy Spires, 32, was yesterday jailed for the November 2005 incident, which occurred as he walked away from the city after an all-night work Christmas party.

He has two previous convictions for masturbating in public.

Brisbane District Court was told the woman was walking across the bridge at Kangaroo Point shortly after 6am (AEDT) when Spires came across her, grabbed her on the bottom and made a crude suggestion about oral sex.

Judge Debbie Richards imposed six months jail for the sexual assault.

1 comment:

Anastasia said...

It's enough to put a woman off morning jogs or power walks lol

solution: she ought to buy a treadmill maybe, then again the other side of the argument will always say, 'but she has a right to go for a powerwalk' and yes, I agree that she does but when the psycho's outweigh the non sexual harrassers, it may be the one valid option?