Sunday, March 12, 2006

Single Mums To Rule

London, UK -- More than half of all babies will soon be born outside marriage, a survey shows. Britain is thought to be only six years away from the watershed moment when 50% of children will be born to unmarried mothers.

Figures published by the Office For National Statistics show a record four out of 10 babies were born to unmarried mothers in 2004. In 1980, only 12% of babies born in this country were to mothers who were not married.

During the past 25 years the number born to single mothers and women in cohabitating relationships has rocketed to 42%. Only Denmark, Finland and Sweden had higher figures. The statistics look even more startling when compared to Greece where only 5% of babies are born outside marriage.

In Tunbridge Wells, a byword for middle-class conservatism, more babies were born out of wedlock in 2004 than in derpived Tower Hamlets.

Daily Mail

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