Monday, March 27, 2006

Relationship Health Check

Advice From the Griffith University Newlyweds study:

1. Have you had a date with your partner in the past six months?
(At least every two to three weeks is healthy.)

2. If we disagree, can we sit down and calmly talk about the issue? (Yes? That's healthy.)

3. How often do you tell your partner that you love them?
(At least every other day, or more, is healthy.)

4. In the past month, have I done something really nice as a surprise for my partner?
(A yes answer is good.)

5. Do you talk to your partner about their away-from-home life?
(Every other day is wise - and listen too.)

MEN: You can listen to her without giving advice. Often women just want to be listened to. Try to understand what she is going through without assuming she needs to know what to do. Ask her if she wants any advice or just someone to listen.

WOMEN: Sometimes its OK for men not to talk about things that happen to them. They don't have to talk about every feeling all the time. It's not a sign that they don't love you. A little bit of space is OK.

Griffith University Newlyweds study.

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