Friday, March 31, 2006

NZ-born Broadcaster in Aussie Sex Scandal

New Zealand-born radio broadcaster Derryn Hinch (pictured with his partner Patricia Smith) has become embroiled in a sex scandal after a woman claimed he sexually assaulted her in Melbourne.

Hinch, dubbed "The Human Headline" in Australia where he has worked as a print and radio journalist and television presenter, said he had been blackmailed by the woman who was a former business partner, the Herald Sun newspaper reported.

He is well known for his campaigning against sex offenders.

The alleged victim was interviewed for about 10 hours on Wednesday by detectives from the sex crimes squad.

It was believed she claimed Hinch assaulted her in a bed at his St Kilda Rd apartment in Melbourne about 12 months ago, the newspaper said.

Hinch, recently married for the fourth time, last night angrily denied all allegations.

The claims were "absolute rubbish," he said.

Hinch's lawyer, Nick Pullen, said the allegations came after the broadcaster poured nearly $100,000 into a business deal with the woman and started asking for a return.

Hinch has enjoyed a controversial career. He has been sacked 14 times in his 45 years in journalism. He started his career in New Zealand newspapers.

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Anastasia said...

They don't call him the Human Headline for nothing but her accusations are a bit odd considering he's the type of character who says it as it is, more often than not offending people in the process. He isn't one of those secret squirrel types with ten million skeletons in the closet, and in this way even though he can rile me, I do admire his outspoken nature so yeah, in all the years he's been around, this accusation is really an iffy one.