Thursday, March 23, 2006

No Danger To Anyone Says HIV Positive Man

Clato Lual Mabior says he's no danger to anyone, despite what Winnipeg Regional Health Authority officials say.

The Winnipeg Regional Health Authority took the unprecedented step yesterday of publicly releasing a health order warning that states Mabior, who is HIV-positive, could be having sex with a number of unsuspecting victims.

The health order was originally issued against Mabior, 28, on March 14, but a decision to go public with it came after the Sudanese immigrant was charged with the serious sexual assault of a 17-year-old girl over the weekend at his West End home. He's scheduled to make a court appearance relating to those charges on April 18.

The subsequent investigation into that incident revealed the possibility Mabior has had sexual relations with a number of unsuspecting victims, say police, and that anyone who has been intimate with him seek medical attention as soon as possible.

Police were looking for Mabior yesterday to serve the health order to him. When found at his home by the Sun yesterday afternoon, though, Mabior said he was unaware police had been looking for him.

Mabior said he doesn't know why the girl pressed charges against him, adding he never raped the girl and that she -- like many others -- was well aware of his medical condition.

Police allege the girl and a 15-year-old friend were over at Mabior's house drinking on the weekend. The 17-year-old tried to leave about 3 a.m. Sunday but was prevented from doing so by Mabior, say police, who allege he then "seriously" sexually assaulted and threatened her. She was only able to leave with the help of Mabior's roommate, police say.

Mabior painted a much different picture of the night, however.

Sitting in his room -- which is decorated with pornographic photos of naked women on the wall, as well as a Bible that sits on the dresser -- Mabior told the Sun he and the girl were getting physically involved that night and he had even slipped a condom on, but sex never ended up materializing.

As for being a threat to the public, Mabior said he has never lied to a partner about his condition and insists on wearing a condom every time he has sex.

He also said he wasn't bothered that police released his photo and advised all of his sexual partners to seek medical attention.

"It doesn't bother me at all," said Mabior, of his medical problems being made public. "A lot of people already know about it."

Mabior left Sudan in August 2000 and moved to Toronto. He said his only previous brush with the law occurred there, when he was charged with assault with a weapon, which he said resulted from a knife-fight with another man over a long-distance phone bill.

He moved to Winnipeg about two years ago and took a job as a meatcutter at Maple Leaf. It was around that time he found out he was HIV-positive, Mabior said.

He said he doesn't know how he contracted the virus. He left work at Maple Leaf about a year ago on his doctor's orders due to HIV-related sickness.

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