Monday, March 27, 2006

Cruel Father Jailed For 10 Years

A MAN who subjected his daughter to years of sexual abuse once left her for dead hanging from a clothes line, a Brisbane court was told today.

The 53-year-old pensioner, who cannot be named to protect the identity of his daughter, was jailed today for 10 years after pleading guilty in the Supreme Court to one count each of maintaining a sexual relationship with a child and torture.

The offences occurred between March 31, 1993, and July 15, 2000, at Burpengary on the far northern outskirts of Brisbane.

The daughter, now aged 18, was the eldest of the man's five children born to his de facto wife, who was also his stepdaughter.

The court heard the girl was sexually molested by her father from the age of seven.

He also forced the girl to have an abortion at the age of 13 when she fell pregnant to him following the constant rapes.

Justice Martin Moynihan said the father beat and mentally abused all his children and was particularly violent to the eldest girl and restricted her access to the outside world.

"There is no occasion to doubt that the victim, her mother and the other members of the family were all in fear of you," Justice Moynihan told the man.

The children were all finally taken from the father in July 2000 after a friend of the girl revealed she had been shown pornography by him.

It was then the daughter revealed the father had once tried to hang her from a clothes hoist with a rope.

The court was told he swung the clothes line around to where the ground fell away so that her feet could not touch and then laughed and said "die bitch" before leaving her there.

Eventually, she managed to swing herself around and grab a crate with her feet to save herself.

Prosecutor Sal Vasta described the hanging attempt as a power play by the father.

"It was to reinforce the authority he had over her and the futility of her doing anything other than going along with his wishes," Mr Vasta said.

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