Monday, March 27, 2006

Brisbane Sex Offender Free

Brsibane, AU -- A man facing child sex charges for the second time in four years escaped and actual jail sentence because of the extraordinary nature of his case. In 2002, the man, now 37, was placed on a 12-month intensive correction order after pleading guilty to molesting his daughter, then aged 11.

The court was told that on two occasions, in 2001, the man, while drunk, placed his hands inside his daughter's pants on the otside of her vagina. In the District Court yesterday, the man pleaded guilty to indecetnly treating his niece, 8, in similar circumstances in late 2000. The offences against his niece, although committed first, did not come to light until after he was sentenced for molesting his daughter.

Judge Garry Forno said it was and unusal case because had the man been sentenced on all three charges in 2002 he would have almost certainly gone to jail. He said, however, the man had successfully completed his correction ordcer and hand not drunk alcohol since 2003. Judge Forno senteced the man to a wholly suspended eight months' jail.

The Courrier Mail

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