Thursday, February 02, 2006

Tragedy Drove Youth To Sex With Girl 13

Brisbane, Au -- A teenager driven into the arms of a friend after a close relative's suicide pleaded guilty in the Brisbane District Court yesterday to having sex with the underage girl.

The girl - who had celebrated her 13th birthday the day before the relationship began - fell pregnant and has since given birth to the child, which she cares for with the support of her mother.

Stephen Douglas King, 19, of Waterford West, pleaded guilty to one count of unlawful carnal knowledge of a child under 16 years. Crown prosecutor Paula Price said the pair - than aged 13 and 17 - were living near each other, when they became friends and later developed a sexual relationship with lasted for several months.

Ms. Price said King moved into the girl's home, living in a separate bedroom, when his own family life became to volatile. The girl's m other was not aware of the sexual relationship. The girl learned of her pregnancy during an unrelated hospital visit in September. In King's defense, the court was told he had a volatile family life and, in the months before the relationship, had discovered the body of a close relative who had committed suicide.

He also planned to apply for joint custody of the child, but had been prevented by the criminal proceedings from having a role in the child's life before now. Judge Ian Wylie, QC, did not record a conviction against King and ordered her perform 160 hours community service.

Source: The Courier Mall

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Anastasia said...

It's really odd, considering say that within my culture there were many women who married at 13-16 simply because that was the thing back then however, it's still considered or the female is still considered to be so 'naive' even though our current society is anything but and it's not just 'now', but I don't think Vladimir Nabokov would have written Lolita if this 'phenomenon' hadn't existed. Some girls mature (their libido as well) earlier than others but there's this general view that a female has to somehow be forced to have sex. The wording alone, in law books 'carnal knowledge' is so archaic.

There was a case where a girl disappeared or went missing before she turned sixteen (I don't remember her age exactly but she was under the age when she left home) in NSW and then it was found, years later, that she took up with a guy and they were having a relationship. No further details have been forthcoming, as to why she ran away from home or opted to disappear, but she became pregnant to her boyfriend, he was still taken to court.

More and more younger people are becoming intrigued with sex and intimacy, because the imagery is more frequent through advertising, film and music now, than what it was ten, fifteen, twenty or more years ago.