Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Man Avoids Jail Over Snapshots Of Women

A man who secretly photographed female shoppers from behind on Christmas Eve has been spared a sting in jail. Daniel Christopher Stokes, 22, of Ashgrove, Brisbane, was instead sentenced to two years probation after he pleaded guilty in Brisbane magistrate's court yesterday to being a public nuisance in the Queen Street Mall.

Police said a woman had complained about 2.30pm on Christmas Eve that a man had been taking photos of her. Officers soon caught up with Stokes and found about 30 photos on his camera. The court was told Stokes admitted he had taken the photos of the women from behind and that they were unaware of his behavior.

Stokes told the court he had been drinking heavily in the lead-up to the incident and his memory of events was "a little hazy at best". Instead a month long jail sentence he was given two years probation with conditions that he take part in counseling and not commit another offence.

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