Saturday, February 04, 2006

Laugh - A Matter Of Sex

London, UK -- A glance at any personal ads column shows the importance of a GSOH - a good sense of humour. But it seems that laughter does not work the same way for both sexes.

While women admit regularly being drawn to men who can make them laugh, men find funny women a turn-off. Psychologists reached this conclusion after studying the dating behavior of hundreds of twentysomethings.

The research showed that men feel threatened by wise-cracking women, Dr. Rod Marting, who led the study at the University of Western Ontario in Canada, said. "Men see being funny as a male thing. When forced to choose between humour production and humour appreciation in potential partners, women valued humour production. Men valued receptivity to their own humour."

The survey results came as no surprise to Meera Syal, who cowrote and starred in the BBC comedy "Goodness Gracious Me."

"The idea that men are more interested in having and audience rather than sharing banter doesn't really surprise me", said the 44-year-old, who is married to Sanjeev Bhaskar, her co-star in another BBC comedy, The Kumars at NO.42.

"Women see men with a sense of humour as dangerous and sexy, while men see it as threatening", she said.

Oriane Messina, of BBC radio Fours' Bearded Ladies, said: "I can't say I've laughed a man into bed, whereas I know plenty of men who have laughed a woman into bed."

Source: Daily Mail

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Anastasia said...

A good laugh, that warm belly laugh, works for me. I fall for it each time and find that it is 'the' thing that will lower those sexual barriers. I tend to agree with what's said in the article, I've found it weird being the (or trying to be) humorous one on a date or wherever.

One time, a guy I was dating would play Andrew Dice Clay recordings over the phone for me to listen to and only because I laugh at Dice Clay, I didn't really think his gesture as offensive. A few weeks after, I found some Rodney Rude and put it on, and he more or less didn't react in the same way I did (with his Dice Clay offering).

Weird, but true to some extent.