Thursday, February 02, 2006

Gang Rape In Sydney

A Young woman was dragged from a street in a notorious Aboriginal neighborhood in Sydney and allegedly gang raped for three hours by up to 16 men. The woman was abducted as she walked to Redfern railways station.

During the violent and prolonged attack on "The Block", one of the rapists allegedly telephoned friends and urged them to come over and "have a go". Last week, 43-year-old Sela Qoro of Western Sydney faced Parramatta Court charged with aggravated sexual assault in company and depriving a person of liberty. Mr Qoro, a father of five, is the second man charged over the attack. He was denied bail by magistrate Timothy Keady.

Police allege the woman had been walking along Eveleigh St. in the inner city suburb of Redfern at 11pm, after visiting friends when she was approached by a man she knew as "Charles", who dragged her into a house.

Police allege Everett Charles Weatherall, 33, was the ring leader of the attack and called out "hey sister, hey girl" as the woman walked pas his house. When she approached him, he grabbed her by the wrist and dragged her inside.

Ashe she was led upstairs to a room with a single bed the woman n oticed 8 to 10 men drinking alcohol in the kitchen. She was forced to perform oral sex on Mr. Weatherall. When another men entered the room, Mr. Weatherall allegedly said "have a go, fuck her". When the victim said she wanted to go home, Mr. Weatherall said: "oh, you're staying her tonight, you know."

Over the next three hours the woman was forced to perform oral sex on about 15 to 16 men. She was raped vaginally and analy and raped by more than one man at a time. One of her attackers was allegedly a 16-year-old. Police said Mr. Weather all telephoned friends to "come over and have a go".

The young woman escaped the house when a man said"she's had enough" and escorted her outside.

Source: The Australian

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Anastasia said...

I used to live near Redfern, on the Waterloo (suburb) side for years as a child, up to the age of 12, moved and returned to share a flat there at 19 and the side of Redfern, where the station is, where Everleigh Street is is the biggest hovel ever, always has been and I don't think it will ever be improved. Although the Redfern,Waterloo and Surry Hills area is considered a yuppie property haven now, despite the new apartments and their price tags (because they're a fifteen minute walk away from the CBD of Sydney) they're crap holes that are filled with crime of all types. Surry Hills boasts the most brothels in a Sydney suburb, Redfern/Waterloo has been the public housing dumping zone for years until they effectively disbanded the projects on Everleigh Street for Aboriginals (Everleigh St is an Aboriginal stronghold, more so back then and many still congregate there like it's Mecca). The street was a no go area for White Caucasians. As an early teen I'd hear stories from relatives/friends driving into the street 'non Aboriginal' and having their car attacked. It got so bad they erected poles at the street's entrance so no one drove through. It's what years and years of institutionalized racism does or produces, hard cycle to break, particularly when kids in the area back then would opt out of school to start families really young, who opted for Centrelink and so on.

Although this gang rape is tragic, it doesn't surprise me because Redfern was, and will always be a shithole.