Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Deep And Old Is Desirable For Sexy Voice

LONDON, UK -- Veteran actor Sean Connery and news reader Anna Ford have topped a poll to find the sexiest voice in Britain.

Research among 1000 adults by computer leader MSN Messenger showed that older people tended to have the sexiest voices.

Manchester United footballer Wayne Rooney registered at the bottom of the poll, while Tory Leader David Cameron was more popular than his adversary Prime Minister Tony Blair. Celtic accents were voted the most attractive, with East Anglian, Mancunian and Scouse among the worst.

BBC newsreader Anna Ford was named as the woman with the sexiest voice by almost 50% of the men questioned, followed by actress Joanna Lumley. Women voted for Connery, followed by fellow actor Pierce Brosnan.

"We are much more aurally sensitive and stimulated than we think", said behavioral expert Judi James. "Accents, pitch, pace and tone can all be turnons or turnoffs." she said. "Both women and men prefer a lower register and find deeper notes sexually attractive. This is because it mimics the way our voices dip naturally when we are sexually aroused. We also find lower tones more adult. Childish, baby voices can evoke the protective instinct in men but women are turned off by them." Ms. James said.

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