Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Bra Fence In New Zealand

A New Zealand man is resisting demands to take down hundreds of women's bras strung on his farm's fence, according to a Local 6 News report. For years, women returning from a pub in the nearby town of Wanaka have stopped at the fence and removed their bras. A local sheep farmer, John Lee, has become the unofficial guardian of the site.

"They have got a magic quality about them, bras," Lee said. "For me, they have all my life."Women have recently added their own to the fence, gaining the property worldwide publicity.

However, the Wanaka Community Board believes some locals are fed up with the unlikely tourist attraction and want it taken down."It was probably a novelty for the first six months but I think it's passed and we need to move on," said chairman Bill Gordon. "This town has got a lot of Japanese students who get educated here. They are very offended by it as are a lot of Asian cultures, South Africans."

Lee defended the bra-adorned fence, saying 90 percent of letters he receives about it are supportive.He said it was the most photographed attraction in the district.

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