Wednesday, January 04, 2006

UK Sex For Visa Scam

LONDON,U.K -- Britain has launched a probe into allegations of “sex-for-asylum ” racket at the country’s busiest immigration office after an NRI whistleblower alleged that ‘corrupt’ officials prefer to give visas to ‘attractive’ girls in return for sexual favours.
The racket was exposed to the tabloid The Sun by Anthony Pamnani, who quit as administrative officer from the centre at Lunar House in Croydon in the south of the city in “disgust” . Pamnani said he finally quit after bosses told staff to restrict migrants from India and let in more from eastern Europe. “I lost what remaining respect I had for the job.”
The home office launched a probe on Monday night, the tabloid said. Minister Tony McNulty, who ordered the probe, said “these are serious allegations. Clearly I will not condone this type of behaviour.” Pamnani, aged 23, told how one colleague joked after giving a visa to a Turkish girl. “I gave her more than a visa extension, if you know what I mean.”
The report alleged that Anthony who worked at Lunar House for four years, regularly saw colleagues dish out their phone numbers to “sexy” immigrants. He said a girl came in and told the office an admin officer had “visited” her flat. She got indefinite leave to stay.
“Brazilian girls were treated best of all. If male and female Brazilian migrants came in to extend their visas, the guy would get one year and the girl two even if both had the same level of paperwork. The girl would only have to smile, bend over the desk and she’d get longer. Officers used to say about ugly girls: she’s bloody disgusting, let’s send her back anyway.”


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