Friday, January 27, 2006

Public Transport Masturbation In Brisbane

A Man hauled before the courts for masturbating on public transport was given a rare form of judicial detention yesterday. Brisbane District Court judge Nick Samios opted against suspended jail time or probation for Colin George Parker, 38.

Instead he ordered Parker to sit at the back of the courtroom with his mother until the court was adjourned for lunch. Parker walked free from the building when court adjourned at 1pm. The punishment -referred to as being sentenced to "the rising of the court" - is used frequently by judges in cases where the offence may be serious but personal circumstances convince them that a formal sentence ins not warranted.

In Parker's case, the court was told his behaviour could be linked to brain and head injuries from a car accident when he was 16. The injuries had several side effects, including impaired judgment. Yesterday charges stemmed from August 24, 2003, when a commuter complained she had seen Parker masturbating as he sat at a bus top at Cannon Hill in Brisbane east. As separate allegation was made later the same day that he had masturbated while sitting in the back of a bus at Greenslopes. He pleaded guilty to two counts of committing and indecent act in public.

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