Saturday, January 28, 2006

Penis-Pinching Teacher Fined W5 Million

KOREA -- The Supreme Court has declared zero tolerance for the pinching of a child’s penis in jest during class time by his elementary school teacher.

The court on Thursday upheld the conviction of a teacher identified as Lee for calling a fourth-grader to the front of the class in March 2004 and pinching his groin to a call of, "Now, let's see if you have a pepper (Korean slang for penis)!" The teacher reportedly repeated the act four more times until May.

The court heard the boy confided to his friends that he hated what the teacher was doing but could not bring himself to tell his parents what was going on. The situation grew so severe that the boy required counseling.

The court fined Lee a total of W5 million (US$5,000), reasoning that even if his actions stemmed from an intention to educate, the method was inappropriate.


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