Friday, January 20, 2006

Goldie Hawn Still Feeling Sexy At 60

Most people's sex drive slows down with passing years, and many therapies have mushroomed to help them regain it, but there is no such problem for 60's siren Goldie Hawn, whose sex drive at 60 is as strong as a racehorse in its prime!

And she credits her husband, Kurt Russell for her energy, saying that his making her feel sexy, helps in rejuvenating her body.

"I'm very turned on by Kurt. He thinks I'm a racehorse, and when you've got a racehorse you've got to run it. He makes me feel sexy which does a lot for cell rejuvenation!" Femalefirst quoted her, as saying.

But she adds that besides regular romps, she also is a fitness freak, and works out regularly to keep her body in shape.

"I've never stopped working on my body. I ride my bike up a mountain everyday and I have to get on a running machine, do aerobics or dance daily," she added.

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