Sunday, December 18, 2005

When A Woman Rapes A Woman

A woman who prosecutors said was the ringleader in the attack and sexual assault on a 51-year-old woman was sentenced yesterday in Lucas County Common Pleas Court to 12 years in prison.

Jackie Alexander, 42, orchestrated the attack on the victim on March 7 and sexually assaulted her with a wooden club in "the most vile, horrible way," Judge Ruth Ann Franks said during sentencing.

Four other defendants, including Alexander's daughter, Deannah Portillo, and sister, Lavera Conley, assisted Alexander in stopping the victim from leaving the home.

Portillo, Conley, her daughter, Latrice Conley, and Tawanna Haney, a cousin of Alexander, cheered and urged on the defendant during the attack at 405 Hyatt Lane, where Alexander and Portillo lived.

The four were convicted of complicity in the commission of felonious assault and sentenced by Judge Gary Cook to three years in prison. They didn't take part in the assault.

The assault began about 2 p.m. that day when Alexander wrongly accused the victim of having a relationship with her boyfriend. She pushed her down a flight of stairs and grabbed a club from her daughter, repeatedly hitting the victim in the head, leg, face, and body.

Alexander then demanded that she remove her pants, beating her with the club until she complied, and then sexually assaulted her with the weapon five or six times.

Alexander pleaded guilty Oct. 17 to one count each of rape, kidnapping, and felonious assault; she withdrew a plea of not guilty by reason of insanity.

The victim was present in court for the sentencing but did not make a statement.

A sexual offender classification hearing was held for Alexander, and Judge Franks determined she was a sexually oriented offender, which is the least restrictive category.

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