Friday, December 16, 2005

Naked Ex-Wife Photos Distributed As A Revenge

Johannesburg, S.A -- A man allegedly took revenge on his estranged wife by distributing explicit photographs of her in the small town where she had settled after leaving him.

Thousands of pamphlets with four photographs of the naked woman and an advertisement for sexual services were distributed in the streets of Parys in the Free State last week Monday.

The woman is clearly recognisable and her address appears on the pamphlets. "Put the pamphlet in my post box or bring it along to qualify for a 10% discount," the "advertisement" reads.

Four big photographs depicting the woman in different poses and dressed in lacy underwear and with a strategically placed ring surround the "advertisement".

The 39-year-old mother found out about the pamphlets when a member of the detective unit knocked on her door on Monday morning.

"I didn't know what to tell him. It was the biggest embarrassment imaginable. Many people know me. It's a small town," she said.

She recently moved to Parys after becoming estranged from her husband. She left him in February after they had been married for a year. "He lives in Richard's Bay and are in possession of the photographs."

She said many men stopped to peep through the windows since the pamphlets were distributed. "Some even come to ask for me at the gate. I am in an incredible mess."

The woman has a 14-year-old son who attends the local high school. She has had to remove an advertisement in which she offers her services as a typist to prevent further unpleasantness.

"It's very difficult for my son. I can't continue with my typing job, and it was our only source of income. I'm trying to hide my embarrassment. Those photographs haunt me. It's terrible."

Police are investigating charges relating to the Domestic Violence Act and crimen injuria.

Inspector Stephen Thakeng, spokesperson for Northern Free State police, said the investigation was at a sensitive stage. "The pamphlets were distributed everywhere in Parys. Some of them were even posted to residents. We have to find out who did it."

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Anastasia said...

This is scary stuff. I remember a little over a year ago, however, I was searching the net for funny humor pictures like those 'Priceless Mastercard' advertisements. Anyway, I found the site (back then, I don't remember the address now) and it had all these Adobe images in the form of the Mastercard priceless ads but created by jilted boyfriends featuring their ex girlfriends in compromising positions, I suppose former intimate poses before the breakup.