Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Mature Ladies Have A Strong Interest In Sex

Queensland, AU -- Many women in their 70s retain a surprisingly strong interest in sex, early results from a survey indicate.

Queensland surveyor Judy Hardy-Holden said more than half the women aged in their 70s who had responded to a questionnaire smashed the stereotype that elderly women were over sex.

The new web-based survey for women aged over 55, at www.survey.yourhub.com.au, related to libido, communication and sexual dysfunction and had so far garnered 30 responses.

"About 15 responses have been from women in their 70s and slightly more than half express the view that libido remains an important part of their lives," Ms Hardy-Holden said.

She said women seemed to express interest in sex because they either didn't have a partner or had one who "didn't feel up to it".

However, she admitted some were "quite happy to leave it behind".

"Some were not interested in the least, but many either wanted a partner or were happy with a partner," she said.

"Some have met partners in their 50s and 60s and were sexually fulfilled.

"One in particular, who is over 70, has a new partner and indicated that has been a significant factor in her renewed interest in her libido.

"Another one expressed that her husband wasn't interested in maybe looking at treatment for enhancing his responses - she would have liked to have had a more active sex life.

"It surprises me that so many women express this positive interest."

Ms Hardy-Holden, 66, said although sexual relations didn't actually have to feature intercourse, many older people considered it a "very important part of their intimate lives".

"It might not be as frequent as when they were 20, but it is still important," she said.

"It appears that women in their 70s have more of an interest and a more definite view of what they want than the 55 to 69-year-olds.

"It seems they might be engaging in it more than women younger with mortgages and family matters - it might just get washed under the table."

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