Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Dressing Too Sexy May Cost You A Job

Brisbane, AU -- Queensland women are increasingly wearing clothes to work that are to flimsy, too sexy and too casual and they are jeopardizing their careers because of it, says one major recruiter.

Rhyl Nayler, whose firm Nayler Business Solutions interviews 15,000 job candidates a year, said that men "Seem to get it more right than women". Ms Nayler said that almost 20% of the women she sees made obvious mistakes when dressing for interviews. These ranged from skimpy outfits to frilly or floral frocks in wispy fabrics and even "flip-flop" backless shoes. Ms Nayler agrees with a recent US study by Lawrence University in Wisconsin, which found that female managers who "dress sexily" are rated as less competent.

"But increasingly too many Queensland women are wearing more revealing clothes to work", she said. "This is encouraged by our summer lifestyle and relaxed work dress codes. But undressing or dressing sexily for an executive job is one of the fastest ways to lose credibility. "

"Very few employers ignore the issue of how a candidates presents," she said.

Source: The Courier Mall

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Anastasia said...

I don't know why they're making a big deal about flimsy dresses in Brisbane. On the Gold Coast in Qld they have 'meter maids' that slot coins in meters for parked cars and these meter maids are bikini clad.

Our world is full of contradictions lol.