Sunday, December 18, 2005

Cattrall's "Sexual Intelligence" On Sale Now

Sydney, AU -- TEETERING on Jimmy Choo heels, Sex and the City star Kim Cattrall sashayed through Sydney yesterday.

"I hope there is a little bit of Samantha Jones in all of us," said the actor famous around the globe for her sexy portrayal of the vampish New York babe, who turned toyboys into a must-have fashion accessory.

"Samantha was a definite sexual predator, but at the same time she was such a terrific gal: so courageous, so funny, so uniquely herself. Those are qualities I don't mind being associated with."

Cattrall, 49, was dressed in stilettoes and a traffic-stopping, orange, halter-neck dress to promote her second book, Sexual Intelligence, at David Jones yesterday.

She has promised to explore Australia's fashion houses and has requested Australian labels to wear for a television car commercial she will shoot in Sydney this week.

She urged her fans to explore their sexuality.

Cattrall said she was impressed with the quality of Australian men she met on her Qantas flight on Friday and planned to have to fun while in town.

"There is a real cheekiness that I respond to -- I think I'm going to have a very good time," she said.


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