Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Brisbane Police Officer Demanded Sex

Brisbane, AU -- A Brisbane police officer allegedly coerced a teenager into having sex with him in a return for dropping a traffic charge. The Queensland Police Service's Ethical Standards Command began investigating the allegations mid-year, as well as complaints from peers that the senior constable had sexually harassed them.

Government sources said the unlicensed teenager was directed to pull her car over and was told she could choose between having sex with the officer or the penalty of the traffic offence.

It is alleged the officer took the 17-year-old female driver and her female teenage friend back to an unmanned Police Beat Office. The other teenager was left alone at the office while the officer had sex with the friend, it has been claimed. Sources said the teenager formally complained about the incident but later recanted the story in fear for her safety.

In a statement to The Courier Mall, a spokesman for Police Commissioner Bob Atkinson said: "Police have confirmed there have been sex allegations made against a senior constable from the Queensland Police Service. They will be treated seriously and investigated throroughly. Once finished, further results will be released."

The allegation comes as some female police officers continue to refuse to work with the officer. It is believed police stationed at the Brisbane station have been warned by senior officers not to speak out about the matter.

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