Saturday, November 19, 2005

Woman Marries 15-Year Old Boy

Georgia, U.S -- A 37-year-old woman was arrested after her wedding for allegedly having a sexual relationship with the 15-year-old boy who became her husband, authorities in the US state of Georgia said on Tuesday.

Lisa Lynnette Clark of Gainesville, Georgia, was arrested last week, one day after the wedding, and is under investigation for child molestation, said Jeff Strickland, a spokesperson for the local mayor.

The wedding itself was apparently legal. While minors under 16 years of age need parental permission to marry, this regulation does not apply if the would-be-bride is pregnant, as is Clark's case.

The boy's grandmother said she denounced the woman to authorities after finding love letters sent to her grandson, who is being held in juvenile detention for theft, local media reported.


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Anastasia said...

We've had a case here where a Phys Ed teacher was imprisoned for having an affair with a then 15 year old boy (who physically looks like he's older). Now that he's of the legal age, they're back together in a relationship after the relationship with her husband ended. It does pose the question of whether age and sexual maturity go hand in hand, sometimes it's possible for a person to be sexually mature at an age that is morally controversial.

In our society, it's more controversial for an older woman to sleep with a younger male, of sixteen years of age, whereas there are plently of sixteen year old girls that get married (legally) around the world and for this not to make headlines.

This former Australan Phys Ed teacher is labelled a pederast but the question does remain of whether this is actually the case when the boy in question didn't look like a sexually undeveloped child, he resembled (physically) a man.