Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Sexy Dannish Girl Baths Naked In The Holly Lake

Jaipur, India - Rajasthan's Pushkar town was outraged after a woman from Finland bathed naked in the holy lake.

The tourist, identified only as Aerona, apparently took a dip in the Pushkar lake on Saturday in the nude and then chose to walk through the busy market to her hotel, around 300 meters away, in the same condition.

This is the third incident in recent months that has caused anger in Pushkar, over 140 km from the state capital.

One related to an alleged orgy by Israeli girls. The other was the passionate kissing by an Israeli couple that got married on the banks of the lake in Hindu style.

According to witnesses, the Finnish woman took off her clothes before taking a dip at the lake around 4 pm.

This irked several priests and locals who asked her to put on clothes. However, she refused and walked nude to her hotel, taking three to four minutes in the process.

The walk caused chaos in the market. Several young men followed her passing lewd comments.

The woman has been traveling in Pushkar for more than two years.

A priest, Subash Parashar, said over telephone from Pushkar that any such conduct in the future by anyone would not be tolerated in the town.

"It is like cultural pollution for us and we won't allow these kind of things," Parashar said.

Pushkar is well known for its camel fair. It is said that the lake was formed when Brahma, one of the holy trinity in Hindu religion, dropped a lotus there.

The town has the only temple dedicated to Bramha, known as the God of creation.

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