Sunday, November 20, 2005

Lesbian On A Soccer Team?

DANBURY, Conn. U.S - - A newspaper apologized and fired a copy editor for posting an online photo of a girls' soccer team that suggested one of the players was a lesbian.

The Immaculate High School team was celebrating a goal scored in a championship game Nov. 5. But the caption on the Web site of The News-Times said the team was celebrating a teammate's decision to ``come out of the closet as a lesbian.''

``It was a flagrant, awful violation of every journalistic principle,'' said Paul Steinmetz, the paper's editor. ``It's just embarrassing to us and untenable.''

The copy editor, who was not identified, was ``goofing around'' and did not realize the caption had gone online, Steinmetz said. The bogus caption stayed on the Web page for a few hours on Sunday and received a few hundred hits, he said.

The newspaper, which has a circulation of about 33,000 in western Connecticut, is training more employees to administer its Web site so future errors can be fixed promptly, Steinmetz said. News

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