Sunday, November 27, 2005

Google Base Or Porn Base?

Seemingly, Google Base - Google's venture into free classified listings and other user-generated content - was turned into a porn fest earlier this week when the company's SafeSearch feature failed to do its usual job of blocking adult content.

A Google spokesman said on Wednesday: "Yesterday evening, we became aware of a problem with the Google Base SafeSearch feature and we acted quickly to resolve the issue." He said the filter feature was broken for "some period of time" but declined to further specify.
Some users reported being shocked with the sheer amount of porn they came across.

Sexy California Beetle

HIV Positive Woman Guilty Of Sex Assault

Barrie, Canada -- A woman accused of intentionally infecting a soldier with HIV has pleaded guilty to a charge of aggravated sexual assault.

Jennifer Murphy, 32, had two other charges of sexual assault and aggravated sexual assault dropped. Those charges involved another alleged victim.

Ms. Murphy will be sentenced Dec. 9.

The 22-year-old soldier said Ms. Murphy propositioned him and another soldier at the CFB Borden barracks.

The case prompted the Defence Department to warn any Canadian Forces personnel who had sex with the woman to seek medical advice. CP

Thursday, November 24, 2005

"Pleasure Marraiges" In Iraq

New York - A veteran Middle East observer, Robert Fisk, says Iraqi civilians are worried about how to save their wives from becoming prostitutes.

'Vast armies of the Mafioso are now operating in Iraq,' said Fisk. 'Women are being sold into prostitution into Syria and Yemen.'

Fisk, a Middle East correspondent for The Independent of London, met with members of the United Nations Correspondents Association last Friday at UN World Headquarters in New York.

'As we sit in New York or London with wall-to-wall coverage of the (Iraqi) constitutional referendum, in their homes Iraqis are not talking about the constitution. They are talking about how to protect their wives,' said Fisk.

In the last couple of months, more and more reports about prostitution in Iraq have started making the headlines. USA Today recently published an article on the rise of 'pleasure marriages' in Iraq.

'Pleasure marriages were outlawed under Saddam Hussein but have begun to flourish again. The contracts, lasting anywhere from one hour to 10 years, generally stipulate that the man will pay the woman in exchange for sexual intimacy,' said USA Today.

Under Saddam Hussein, the Fedayeen, Arab guerrillas, cracked down on prostitutes, pimps and anyone suspected of selling girls abroad. In 2000, Saddam reportedly beheaded 200 women convicted of prostitution. In the absence of the Fedayeen, prostitution seemed to have gained a loose reign.

'It`s a serious problem because there are young girls doing this -11, 12, 13 years old,' said Abdelhamid El Ouali, representative of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees.

The Syrian government and UNHCR put the number of Iraqi refugees in Syria at roughly 700,000.

Syrian police either lack data or won`t release any figures on prostitution, according to the Women`s International League for Peace and Freedom.

The US State Department`s 2005 'Trafficking in Persons Report' acknowledged the problem.

'There have been some reports that indicate Iraqi women may be subjected to sexual exploitation in prostitution in Syria at the hands of Iraqi criminal networks, but those reports have not been confirmed,' the report said.

The going rate for an Iraqi prostitute is 10,000 Iraqi dinars ($7), according to The Toronto Star.

Though some women are adopting prostitution to feed their families, others are being sold against their will.

The Independent interviewed two women who were abducted and then sold into prostitution.

'Because I was not married, I was sold for $6,000, and Sajeeda for $3,000. My hymen had a price - this is when we realized that we were going to have to do bad things with men. We were terrified,' one of the women told The Independent.

A growing concern of many humanitarian organizations is the young ages of Iraqi prostitutes. In an article for Salon magazine, an outreach organization for refugee children, Good Shepherd Nunnery, in Damascus said they had lost many of their students.

'In the past year, many of the children attending the nunnery`s learning center suddenly disappeared' said a sister at the school.

To prevent girls from turning to prostitution, the center offers them computer training courses and helps find them jobs in sewing and gold-manufacturing factories. But pay is usually about $50 a month -- $100 in the best case -- compared with the $40 to $60 sex workers can make per night. 'And the job opportunities are very rare,' said the sister. 'I had one girl who waited for three years for the factory job.'

In newspaper articles, social workers and humanitarian agencies blame the international community for not taking the issue of prostitution seriously.

One UN official told the Women`s International League for Peace and Freedom the international community had kept silent about the issue. The official said the 'conspiracy of silence' surrounding prostitution underscores the international community`s larger failure to recognize the dire conditions of Iraqi refugees and provide them with a safe haven.

While the coalition forces still have to develop a strategy for arresting prostitution Islamic vigilantes have taken things in their own hands, according to a recent Newsweek article.

'Islamic vigilantes are inflicting punishments that can be far more severe than a short stay behind bars. Liquor stores and porno shops around the country have been bombed, torched or even attacked with rocket-propelled grenades. Two customers at a porno theater in Mosul died in September when unidentified assailants dropped a hand grenade through a ceiling vent,' said Newsweek.

The fear of prostitution is keeping many women home, said Hanny Megally, Executive Director of the Middle East and North Africa division of Human Rights Watch. She said: 'Women and girls today in Baghdad are scared, and many are not going to schools or jobs or looking for work. If Iraqi women are to participate in post-war society, their physical security needs to be an urgent priority.'

Sex Before Marriage Is Becoming OK For Chinese

NANJING, CHINA -- More than a third of Nanjing's young people have said they see premarital sex as acceptable.

In a survey of 391 16-to-25-year- olds, 36 per cent said they accepted sex before marriage. However, the survey also found that 46 per cent of the Jiangsu provincial capital's young people considered sex before marriage intolerable, while 18 per cent were unsure, saying it depended on the state of the relationship.

The survey, completed last week, was jointly conducted by the Jiangsu branch of Marie Stopes International (MSI), a London-based international non-governmental organization providing sexual and reproductive health information, and the provincial population and family planning commission.

Among the main reasons given by those who said "yes" to premarital sex, was the idea that "two people truly in love would naturally have sex."

This was followed by the theory that "premarital sex would help lovers find out whether they were truly suited to each other and can be happily married in the future."

Cherishing virginity and health concerns were the top two reasons given by those who rejected sex before marriage.

The results echoed those of a National Population and Family Planning Commission survey in October which found that more than one third of young people in China see premarital sex as good preparation for married life.

According to a report released by the Shanghai Population and Family Planning Commission in 2004, premarital health checkups by the city in 2003 found that 69 per cent of fiances in Shanghai had premarital sex.

According to Li Yinhe, an expert in gender studies with the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, soaring premarital sex symbolizes the sexual liberation of China, especially among young people.

"Instead of considering premarital sex immoral, as society has considered conventionally, youngsters are now pursuing personal enjoyment," said Li during a recent lecture in Guangzhou.

However, if youngsters lack vital sex education, this sexual liberation could lead to a growth in various social problems, including a rise in abortions, experts warned.

"Compared with the rising interest in premarital sex among the young, their knowledge of healthy sex sees no evident improvement. Some of them don't know the basics of contraception, " said Xu Pei, an expert from Nanjing Maternity and Child Health Hospital.

"Proper sex education should be strengthened in schools and universities."

Statistics from Xu's hospital show that for the past three years, 40 per cent of women undergoing abortions have been unmarried youngsters.

MSI's survey also found that most of those surveyed received no proper sex education before having sex, with more than half admitting that they had tried to glean information from pornography.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Lesbian On A Soccer Team?

DANBURY, Conn. U.S - - A newspaper apologized and fired a copy editor for posting an online photo of a girls' soccer team that suggested one of the players was a lesbian.

The Immaculate High School team was celebrating a goal scored in a championship game Nov. 5. But the caption on the Web site of The News-Times said the team was celebrating a teammate's decision to ``come out of the closet as a lesbian.''

``It was a flagrant, awful violation of every journalistic principle,'' said Paul Steinmetz, the paper's editor. ``It's just embarrassing to us and untenable.''

The copy editor, who was not identified, was ``goofing around'' and did not realize the caption had gone online, Steinmetz said. The bogus caption stayed on the Web page for a few hours on Sunday and received a few hundred hits, he said.

The newspaper, which has a circulation of about 33,000 in western Connecticut, is training more employees to administer its Web site so future errors can be fixed promptly, Steinmetz said. News

More Women On Women Sex

A new study looking at the sexuality of American men and women has found a substantial increase in the number of women reporting female-female sexual encounters. The study, appearing in the journal Public Opinion Quarterly, took in more than 20,000 men and women of all ages. The components of the survey about sexual behaviors were obtained using self-administered paper questionnaires so the respondents did not have to reveal their answers to the interviewers.

Their study found that for women of all ages, the percentage reporting a female sexual partner in the previous year increased from 1 percent in the period 1988 to 1994 to almost 3 percent in 1996-2002.

But the increase was more dramatic amongst young women. The percentage of women aged between 18 and 29 who reported having a female sexual partner in the preceding year rose from 4 percent to 8 percent.

The researchers said that the findings continued a long-term trend of increased female-female sexual contact. The percentage of women reporting female-female sexual contact during their lifetime rose from 1.6 percent for women born prior to 1920 to 7 percent for women born after 1970. "Our research documents not only a short-term trend in the 1990s but a historical shift across the 20th century," says researcher Charles Turne, who led the study team.

As one would expect, the findings are complemented by a dramatic increase in tolerance of same-gender sex. Among women, the percentage saying same-gender sex is "not wrong at all" rose from 5.6 percent for women born before 1920 to 45.2 percent for women born after 1970.

Interestingly, no similar trend was observed in the reporting of male-male sexual contacts. The percentage of men reporting male-male sexual contacts in their lifetime fluctuated in the range of 3.5 percent to 5.5 percent with no statistically significant trend over time.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Woman Marries 15-Year Old Boy

Georgia, U.S -- A 37-year-old woman was arrested after her wedding for allegedly having a sexual relationship with the 15-year-old boy who became her husband, authorities in the US state of Georgia said on Tuesday.

Lisa Lynnette Clark of Gainesville, Georgia, was arrested last week, one day after the wedding, and is under investigation for child molestation, said Jeff Strickland, a spokesperson for the local mayor.

The wedding itself was apparently legal. While minors under 16 years of age need parental permission to marry, this regulation does not apply if the would-be-bride is pregnant, as is Clark's case.

The boy's grandmother said she denounced the woman to authorities after finding love letters sent to her grandson, who is being held in juvenile detention for theft, local media reported.


Sania Mirza Denied Favoring Pre-Marital Sex.

HYDERABAD: Tennis star Sania Mirza on Friday denied favouring pre-marital sex and alleged that media had misquoted her over the issue.

Claiming that she was totally against pre-marital sex, Sania said she was pained at the maligning of her image by misquoting her. She said a non-issue has been turned into a serious controversy by misquoting her.

"I would like to clearly say on record that I could not possibly justify pre-marital sex as it is a very big sin in Islam and one which I believe will not be forgiven by Allah," Sania said in a statement issued here.

Her clarification came a day after strong protests from Muslim community and also various other organisations over the reported comments made in New Delhi on Wednesday.

"Attributing a viewpoint that is totally contrary to what I believe in and what I stand for as a Muslim and as an Indian girl is a creation of media to sensationalise a story and such sensitive issues needed to be confirmed before making such attempts," she said.

PS: I think its said that a person has to deny its own opinion because somebody else doesn't like it. Girl you had to stay true to what you beleive in and not to what others wants you to think.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Good News For Men With Micropenis

Micropenis is defined as a penis that is 2” or less when erect, and it affects approximately 0.6% of the male population. Now, urologists have a new surgical procedure, called 'phalloplasty', to treat it.

Skin from the forearm is shaped into a 4 – 5 inch tube and the original glans is transplanted to the tip in order to preserve erogenous sensation. An artificial urethra is embedded down the centre. In order to achieve an erection for intercourse, an inflatable penile prosthesis is also implanted.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

No Charge For Mum In Online Sex Case

Contra Costa prosecutors declined Monday to charge a woman who police said indicated in an email that she would offer her 4-year-old daughter for sex.

The District Attorney's Office sent documents back to the Martinez Police Department for further investigation of Shannon Nicole Woods, 22, who was arrested Tuesday on suspicion of offering a minor under 16 for lewd and lascivious acts .

"They want more evidence," said Sgt. Gary Peterson.

The Sheriff's Department was processing Woods on Monday night out of County Jail in Martinez.

Police say they found e-mails and online chat indicating that Woods was willing to offer her daughter. During a search of her home, they confiscated videos and a laptop, Peterson said.

"We've looked at the majority of the video, and there's nothing that supports the charges. The computer forensics are not completed," he said.

Prosecutor Dara Cashman, who was handling the case, was not available for comment Monday afternoon.

An acquaintance of Woods, who is not involved with law enforcement, recognized her photograph in an advertisement on Craigslist and contacted her posing as a potential client, police said.

In separate online conversations, Woods agreed to meet for sex. When the acquaintance offered $500 to have sex with her daughter, she didn't object to it, Peterson said.

Woods was pregnant during the investigation -- a fact that she used to advertise her services. She gave birth to a boy about a week ago, Peterson said. Both the baby and the 4-year-old are in protective custody.

The District Attorney's decision comes after Peterson had said that the chatroom dialogue makes the case difficult to prove because it is hard to show the order in which the conversations occurred.

"Lie With Me" Explicit Sex Scenes

TORONTO (CP) - With its eye-poppingly explicit sex scenes, Lie With Me - opening Friday in Toronto - is not exactly an average night out at the local multiplex.

But at the recent Toronto International Film Festival, director Clement Virgo insisted the hard-core material was necessary to make the relationship in the movie more authentic. "As a filmmaker I want to be truthful," Virgo said during the festival as he sipped coffee at a cafe in his downtown neighbourhood.

"My approach wasn't so much to show nudity as it was to be viscerally honest and to have the audience feel like 'I'm watching something that's truthful."'

The 'truth' Virgo aims to portray is the raw sexual desire of 20-something nymphet Leila (played by The L Word's Lauren Lee Smith - see photo) as she navigates her budding relationship with David (rising star Eric Balfour, who has appeared on TV's Six Feet Under and 24).

For Virgo, whose previous film Love Comes Down received nine Genie nominations, the material wasn't difficult to find.

Lie With Me, shot in the city for three weeks in July 2004, is based on a novel by his romantic partner, Tamara Faith Berger.

"When I read it, I immediately thought 'wow this would make an interesting movie,' he said. "You rarely see movies about sort of raw, visceral female sexuality. That, to be honest, really terrified me because I didn't know how I would translate that feeling I had reading the book . . . to film."

From the beginning, however, he realized that holding back wasn't an option.

"I knew that once I took on this material that I couldn't be coy about it, that I had to be as bold as I could. I didn't plan on making sure that the sheets were draped over the body just so . . . The camera was there. The camera caught what it caught."

Indeed, the camera catches just about everything.

Leila is shown masturbating, watching porn and, of course, in seemingly endless sex scenes with David, where very little is left to the imagination.

All of the actors, said Virgo, had a unified mission.

"When we all decided to make this film together, we all agreed, we said we would do what it takes to make this film feel authentic and all three of us agreed that we would leave it in the room, emotionally, what we had to do to get there," he said.

It's part of a trend that's been seen in recent films like Michael Winterbottom's 9 Songs, which caused a stir for showing almost non-stop onscreen sex.

In the case of Virgo's film, early reviews have been somewhat mixed. One aspect of the film that has been repeatedly remarked on, however, is its depiction of Toronto.

The city is instantly recognizable throughout the steamy summer portrayed in the movie. David and Leila meet in playgrounds and at nightclubs, prompting one reviewer to note that the film makes Canada's largest city look like "a great place to get laid."

"I love this city. . . . It's a great place to live. I wanted to show that," said Virgo.

"Normally on film you don't see Toronto, you see the inside of buildings or the city is depicted as a kind of hostile, harsh place that's going to take away your dreams."

Virgo said his next film is set in Halifax and deals with race relations.

© The Canadian Press

Monday, November 14, 2005

Sex For Sale In Singapore

Singapore - Increasing numbers of young girls in Singapore are offering sex for sale on Internet chatrooms, shrugging the transaction off without any remorse or fear of AIDS.

Although the situation here is less dire than in Japan, counsellors and social workers cite cases of girls as young as 13 having no qualms over paid sex to obtain pocket money.

They blame the nonchalant attitude on neglectful parents, the lack of stigma on losing one's virginity, the pervasive message of one-night stands on television and advertisements that encourage instant gratification, according to The Sunday Times.

Internet chatrooms make it easy for girls to befriend teenage boys or men, said counsellor Ong Lea Teng of the Singapore Planned Parenthood Association.

"The thinking of some girls is that since they are doing it, they might as well get something out of it," she was quoted as saying.

Often they want to buy things their parents cannot afford: mobile phones, the latest fashions or recreational gadgets, she said.

"With so much material temptations around them and so much desire for instant gratification, sex for money is inevitable," Deline Koh, a senior social worker at a family service center, told the newspaper.

There are no figures available on the trend, but Ong said hotline calls from girls asking if it is all right to have sex for money have quadrupled in the last two years.

Koh cited the exploits of a 15-year-old girl who used chatrooms to settle her boyfriend's debts by having paid sex with three men.

A court was told last week that a 14-year-old girl who needed money to pay bills had sex with at least five men. They were convicted of having sex with a girl younger than 16.

Counsellors urge parents to start building bonds when their children are in primary school instead of waiting until their teens.

"It's very tough to get into their world by the time they reach 13 or 14," said Want Toy Leng, manager of a girl's home.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Mother Offers A 4-year Old For Sex Over The Internet

A 22-year-old woman has been arrested after authorities said she agreed to sell her 4-year-old daughter for sex over the Internet.

Shannon Nicole Woods was being held at the West County Detention Facility in Richmond in lieu of $50,000 bail, after her arrest Tuesday on suspicion of offering a minor under 16 for lewd and lascivious acts, according to Martinez police.

"She denies that she offered up the child," said Sgt. Gary Peterson. "But we have records of online activity that shows she did."

Authorities said a man who knew Woods recognized her photograph in a posting on soliciting men for prostitution and contacted her posing as a potential client.

In online conversations through e-mail and chat rooms, Woods agreed to meet for sex. When the man offered $500 to have sex with her daughter, she didn't object to it, Peterson said. The man, who never met with Woods, contacted the National Center for Exploited and Missing Children, he said.

The girl and Woods' infant son have been placed in protective custody.

Craigslist founder Craig Newmark said his staff can't monitor every posting on the site, and relies on users to notify them about illegal postings.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Cheerleaders Having Sex In A Restroom Stall

CHARLOTTE, North Carolina -- A former Carolina Panthers cheerleader charged with giving police a false name during her arrest at a bar has denied accounts that she was having sex with another cheerleader, Angela Keathley, in a restroom stall.

Witnesses told police Renee Thomas, 20, angered patrons waiting in a restroom line by having sex in a stall.

In a written statement yesterday, Thomas's lawyer said: "Miss Thomas denies all allegations of any sexual conduct."

If You Want Sex Go To Balkans Not To Asia

Asia's rapid economic growth and the heavy stresses associated with it are taking their toll on people’s sex-lives, a worldwide survey suggests. According to the annual global sex survey by the U.K. condom manufacturer Durex, people the world over have sex on average around twice a week or 103 times a year.

At the bottom of the list was Japan, a nation with a word for “death from overwork,” with 45 times per year, short of even half the global average. Singaporeans ranked second with 73 times. Nine Asian countries were among the bottom 10: India with 75 times, Indonesia with 77, Hong Kong with 78, Malaysia with 83, Vietnam with 87, Taiwan with 83, and China with 96. Sexually liberated Sweden was the only non-Asian country with 92 times a year. Korea was not included in the survey covering 41 countries and 317,000 people.

On the other hand, the Greeks were estimated to have the most vigorous sex-lives with 138 times of a year, followed by Croatians with 134 times. Serbians came in joint third place with 128 times, followed by France (120), Britain (118), the Netherlands and Poland (115), the U.S. (113) and Australia (108).


Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Sexy Dannish Girl Baths Naked In The Holly Lake

Jaipur, India - Rajasthan's Pushkar town was outraged after a woman from Finland bathed naked in the holy lake.

The tourist, identified only as Aerona, apparently took a dip in the Pushkar lake on Saturday in the nude and then chose to walk through the busy market to her hotel, around 300 meters away, in the same condition.

This is the third incident in recent months that has caused anger in Pushkar, over 140 km from the state capital.

One related to an alleged orgy by Israeli girls. The other was the passionate kissing by an Israeli couple that got married on the banks of the lake in Hindu style.

According to witnesses, the Finnish woman took off her clothes before taking a dip at the lake around 4 pm.

This irked several priests and locals who asked her to put on clothes. However, she refused and walked nude to her hotel, taking three to four minutes in the process.

The walk caused chaos in the market. Several young men followed her passing lewd comments.

The woman has been traveling in Pushkar for more than two years.

A priest, Subash Parashar, said over telephone from Pushkar that any such conduct in the future by anyone would not be tolerated in the town.

"It is like cultural pollution for us and we won't allow these kind of things," Parashar said.

Pushkar is well known for its camel fair. It is said that the lake was formed when Brahma, one of the holy trinity in Hindu religion, dropped a lotus there.

The town has the only temple dedicated to Bramha, known as the God of creation.

Monday, November 07, 2005

Sex at School Increasing

Perhaps the most shocking thing about students having sex in a high school auditorium was that other students didn't find it very shocking at all.

"I glanced over and, whatever, I just let him continue on with his business," said a 16-year-old linebacker on the Osbourn High School football team who, along with a friend, stumbled upon a couple engaging in oral sex. "I stayed for five to eight minutes, just talking. We weren't worried about it. When the janitor came in, everyone started running."

Manassas school officials weren't as laid back. The students -- eight in all -- were quickly identified and suspended, and the matter prompted the small school system to confront an issue many adults would rather not face: in this case, two girls and three boys engaging in oral sex or intercourse on school property while three other boys watched, according to sources familiar with what happened.

"In all the years that I've been in education, I've never run into this one before," said John Boronkay, the school system's acting superintendent. "It's a new one."

Actually, it's not so new. According to some teenagers, sex on school property is more frequent than adults might imagine. And some adults who work with teenagers said it's happening more often these days.

There's anecdotal evidence to support that:

Two students were discovered recently having sex in an Anne Arundel County high school gym. Four students at Col. Zadok Magruder High in Rockville were arrested in June after performing sex acts in the school parking lot. A boy and a girl at Springbrook High in Silver Spring were caught "touching inappropriately" in a school bathroom. Last year, three teenage boys at Mount Hebron High in Howard County were arrested after a student accused them of sexually assaulting her in a school restroom, but charges were dropped after the boys said the sex was consensual and the girl recanted.

"Students would have intercourse on the stairwells, locked classrooms, in the locker rooms," said Ihsan Musawwir, 18, a recent graduate of Dunbar Senior High School in the District. "It was embarrassing for me to walk in on it."

Jessica Miller, 19, who graduated in June from T.C. Williams High School in Alexandria, said that for some students there, sex on campus is a popular fantasy -- and sometimes a reality -- particularly in the auditorium.

"It's so big, it's so dark," Miller said. "There's a lot more places to find privacy -- behind the stage and on the catwalk."

But what's the appeal? "Just being rebellious," she said. "Coming back to class and saying, 'Ooh, guess what I just did? I just had sex in the auditorium.' "

Deborah Roffman, a Baltimore-based sexuality educator, said she has been hearing more about similar occurrences in the past five years. "Schools are calling me, asking, 'What do we do? We've had this incident at our school.' "

The fact that teenagers have sex is well established: Roughly half of all 15- to 19-year-olds have had vaginal intercourse, and more than half have had oral sex, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

But getting a handle on the reasons students are emboldened to risk having sex at school is as tricky as figuring out how many are doing it. Musawwir, the Dunbar graduate, who has helped lead teen forums on sex, said she thinks students have sex in school because they have nowhere else to go. "And it's the thrill of getting caught or not. And the media has a lot of things to do with it. They think that if they see it on TV, they can get away with it in real life."

For example, the popular movie "Mean Girls" -- a comedy about clique warfare in high school -- showed a girl in a bra and skirt making out with a guy in briefs in the school auditorium's projection room.

Cpl. Michael Rudinski, president of the Maryland Association of School Resource Officers, said teenagers do whatever they think their peers are doing, whether they are or not. "The thing about young people is when they see things in the mass media and they think it's going on, they start doing it."

A 16-year-old who said she is friends with one of the girls at Osbourn who was suspended said the episode wasn't surprising. "It wasn't that big of a deal," she said. But she said her friend "regrets what she did. She knows it wasn't a smart thing to do. But everybody whispering about her doesn't help."

Not all teenagers accept such incidents as "no big deal." A few nights after the Osbourn news broke, students from T.C. Williams, standing in a drizzle to cheer on a girls field hockey game, pronounced it "weird" and "embarrassing."

"What do you call it -- orgies?" 17-year-old senior Emilie Jackson said, giggling as she tried to come up with the word. "They don't happen. That's not normal teenage behavior."

"I would just wonder, like, what's going through their heads -- like, 'Okay, guys, let's meet at 3:30 behind the curtain?' " she said.

It can be hard to police everything that goes on at school, especially after hours, when club meetings, sports practices and rehearsals take place. In many schools, hall monitors and other adults stay late to make sure students are there for legitimate reasons.

But even adults do not always know how to handle the sex issue. An Anne Arundel teacher said he found two students having sex last year on the wrestling mats in a high school auxiliary gym. The teacher, who declined to be named, said he didn't report the couple because he was worried about repercussions for them -- or himself.

"I've seen and heard situations when you don't have support. These stories come back and kick you in the face," said the teacher, who is in his thirties.

He said he doesn't think an adult's word is worth as much as it used to be. "Kids have a voice or whatever, which is great, but at the same time, you see [teachers] who step up and say something and they get mashed."

Many schools don't have rules specifically banning sex on campus but punish students who do it through a clause prohibiting "immoral conduct" or behavior that offends the community's morals, said Naomi Gittins, a staff attorney at the National School Boards Association. Gittins added that more specific policies would make it easier for schools to defend themselves against legal challenges.

After the janitor reported the Sept. 28 incident at Osbourn High, school officials checked security cameras and identified eight students who had entered the auditorium. The three who watched were suspended for five days; the others for 10. One of the two girls claimed she was coerced, but police did not find enough evidence to file charges.

School administrators are drafting a rule that bans sex on school property.

Some students at Osbourn noted a double standard among their schoolmates, saying the girls involved were being called "sluts" and "whores" while the boys faced censure mostly because some felt they had jeopardized the football team.

"I don't think any of the guys [in school] really admired any of the people involved," said Tim Blank, 18, a senior on the Osbourn football team and an editor on the school paper. He said his teammates were angry with the male participants, all of whom were on the team, because they were top players and their suspensions threatened the season.

"We had gone through three years of hard times, [and] we finally got off to a hot start," Blank said.

Parents complained that they did not hear from the Manassas School Board about the auditorium incident until nearly three weeks later in a letter.

"I was waiting for some type of communication from the school," said Cindy Brookshire, 51, a parent who heard about the incident from her son. "Nothing came out except rumors."

Arthur P. Bushnell, the School Board chairman, said board members waited to inform parents until it was clear what the punishments would be.

Some parents said the matter got them talking to their children in discussions they might not have at Osbourn, where, according to the school system's director of instructional services, Sandy Thompson, health classes focus on abstinence and sexually transmitted diseases but not condoms or contraception.

Miller, the T.C. Williams graduate, said she didn't understand why adults were so shocked. "Our parents are the ones who had the sexual revolution, so why are they surprised?"

Parents at Osbourn said what happened in the auditorium went far beyond their own teenage activities, and some added that they were confident that their children would not get involved in such an incident.

"Maybe I'm a naive parent," said Ted Hauffe, whose son, Daniel, is on the football team, "but I will say my kid would never participate" in group sex.

As to warning teenagers off sex, he said, "You can preach that as a parent, and hopefully they will listen to you, but when it comes to that particular moment of passion, what are you going to do?"

Blank's father, Bryan Blank, said that compared with when he was young, "Society is more open. You see two women kissing on MTV. You have things talked about, like 'straight versus gay.' "

Asked whether the incident related to any cultural trend or had any deeper meaning, a group of boys watching the T.C. Williams field hockey game scoffed. "It means there's eight weirdos around," said Alex Haitsuka,17, a junior.

"I'd become very unaroused" at the sight, he added. "Nine hundred out of 901 people would not want to be involved."

Matt Killeen, 18, a senior, said he also found it shocking.

"Can't you just wait till you're at home?" he asked.

Staff writers Maria Glod, Daniel Lyght, Theola S. Labbe and Ylan Mui and researcher Magda Jean-Louis contributed to this report.

U.S. rabbi resigns over online sex scandal

A Potomac rabbi who is part of a national youth group, a Prince George's County teacher and an Eastern Shore doctor have lost their jobs after allegedly trying to solicit sex from minors online. It was part of an undercover probe by the television show "Dateline NBC," that aired Friday night.

According to a statement from Rockville-based PANIM - The Institute for Jewish Leaders and Values, Rabbi David Kaye resigned from his position as vice president this week. Prince George's County school officials say Steven Benoff, a special education teacher at Woodridge Elementary School in Prince George's, was fired August 23rd. Benoff, of Washington, was fired after Fairfax County, Virginia, police notified the system about "information relating to children."

After an investigation, Shore Health System of Maryland has barred an unnamed doctor who had worked at Memorial Hospital in Easton and Dorchester General Hospital, barred him from practicing at any system facility. None of the men have been charged.

A "Dateline NBC" camera crew conducted an online sting with the Internet watchdog group, Perverted Justice, in which 19 men went to a house believing they would meet 12- to 14-year-old children. Instead, they were confronted by "Dateline" reporter Chris Hansen.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

12 Year Old Girl For Hire

Battle Creek, October 5, 2005 -- A man from Battle Creek has been sentenced for hiring a girl out for sex with other men.

Police say the 12-year-old girl came to the man's home in December looking for shelter after running away from home. Police say the girl knew the man and his wife, and that she had been to their home several times.

Investigators don't believe the girl was physically restrained by the couple. Instead, they used drugs and alcohol to get the girl to have sex with the men, and charged the men money.

Milo Burton, the ringleader of the crime according to prosecutors, pleaded guilty to sexually abusing and child and forcing her into prostitution. He was sentenced to 15 to 30 years in prison.

Burton's wife, Julia, pleaded no contest to a criminal sexual conduct charge.

Women Running A Child Prostitution Ring

Winnipeg residents, already living in one of Canada's most crime-ridden cities, are being rocked by sensational allegations of a prostitution ring operated by two women that victimized more than 30 children.

About half the youngsters were involved in prostitution, police said, and the other half, including one just 22 months old, were subjected to abuse by being around illegal activity on a regular basis, including drug use.

"You have to consider any child a victim," Patrol Sergeant Kelly Dennison said.

The women have been charged with prostitution-related offences, including procuring children for sex and living off the avails of prostitution, and crimes relating to the corruption of minors. The activities allegedly occurred between June and last month in a run-down area of the city's west end and involved children no older than 16.

While Winnipeg is no stranger to crime -- it has the highest per capita murder rate of Canada's nine largest cities -- the case has deeply shaken residents.

"They're horrified. They don't understand it. They wonder why," Councillor Gord Steeves said.

"It's a huge source of concern," added Mr. Steeves, the chairman of the city's protection and community services committee.

Mr. Steeves said crime in the city increasingly is "leading to a common denominator, which is drugs. . . . It is the first thing that pops into people's mind when you see this."

While police are tight-lipped about details because the case is still being investigated, court documents indicate one of several bail conditions for one of the accused includes a requirement to attend a program dealing with cocaine-addiction.

(Police allege that the accused woman has already violated another of the bail conditions by being in contact with a 13-year-old girl.)

The other woman allegedly "did have knowledge of sexual immorality and did participate in the use of illegal drugs in the home of a child" under 18, according to the court documents. Three of five such children named in the documents have the same surname as the woman.

Mayor Sam Katz was quick to note that Winnipeg is not the only city with a child-prostitution problem.

"I don't think this type of crime is unique to Winnipeg. I'm sure it's taking place all over North America, sadly," he said in an interview yesterday.

(Quebec City was shocked when the city's top radio host and several businessmen were charged after a crackdown on a teenage prostitution ring in 2002. The radio host, Robert Gillet, was later convicted as was at least one businessman.)

Rosalind Prober, president of Beyond Borders, a Winnipeg-based organization that fights sexual exploitation of children around the world, said the recent case is disturbing because of the large number of children allegedly involved and the complicity of women.

"Every city has problems with child prostitution," she said. Recruiting "damaged" youngsters -- including runaways and those who are in trouble with the law or in foster care -- into prostitution is "very, very easy," she added.

All it takes is a home with no rules, a place to sleep and free food, alcohol and drugs. After a while, she said, the kids are forced into prostitution to repay the largesse.

"It's all about money. It's all about the ugly underbelly of society and how [criminals] go about getting money," she said.

"That's easy to understand. What's hard to understand is the demand side."

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Pedophile Fantasised About Eeating Children

A court in Australia has heard that a man charged with possessing child pornography fantasised about cooking and eating small children. The documents were filed with Adelaide Magistrates Court to support the case against 42-year-old Robert John Walker.

Police allege that Walker had more than two thousand images of children on his computer and on computer disks.

Finded For Not Selling Explicit Porn

Ever bought a book because of its cover and wish you had never done so after reading it? Or for that case a porn film for a jacket that leaves nothing to the imagination, but actually ends up leaving you, shall we say, more than a bit "let-down" after a ruinous evening of viewing?

Well, for all those who have had to suffer the abject disappointment of these situations there is now hope, after a porn supplier was fined 4000 pounds by Surrey magistrates, for failing to deliver what was graphically promised on the video's cover, following a complaint by a disgruntled woman.

"The company had not shown any interest in the consumer's complaint, so the purchaser turned to Trading Standards", The Mirror quoted the Surrey County Council, as saying.

Pabo Ltd was fined 4,000 pounds for false description and £10,500 for selling porn films by mail order, besides being ordered to pay 75 pounds compensation plus 2,044 pounds costs, the paper added.

"Consumers are often embarrassed to complain about purchases such as these and companies take advantage of them.", the paper quoted Peter Denard of Trading Standards, as saying.

Police Officer A Serial Rapist?


A POLICEMAN swore under oath yesterday that he was not a serial rapist and sex offender.

Dean Stewart, 35, is alleged to have attacked nine women in Ayrshire over six years, but he told a jury there was no truth at all in any of the allegations. Stewart insisted at the High Court in Glasgow that he had no idea why women had made claims against him.

The Strathclyde Police constable denies a total of 13 charges, three of rape and ten of indecent assault, between 1998 and 2004, while he served in stations in Kilbirnie, Saltcoats and Irvine.

His counsel, Edgar Prais, QC, put it to Stewart that allegations had been made against him by nine women. Mr Prais asked: "Is there any truth at all in any of the allegations?"

Stewart replied: "None at all."

"Have you had any kind of sexual contact with any of them?" continued Mr Prais.

"Yes, one," said Stewart, naming one of the alleged rape victims who, he has stated in a special defence, consented to sex with him in her home in February last year.

The first attack, according to the prosecution, occurred in Kilbirnie when Stewart is said to have found a woman in a drunken condition and to have driven her to quiet spot. It is alleged that he raped her in his police vehicle. Stewart said he knew the woman, mainly through calling at her home to see her sons who were often in trouble.

He maintained that there was "not a morsel" of truth in her claim of rape. Asked why he thought she had made the allegation, he said: "My honest answer is I do not know."

In another charge, Stewart allegedly used his baton to indecently assault a woman, an informant, in a police van.

He said she had asked to have a look at the baton and then began to pretend it was a vibrator. He had chastised her and had taken back the baton and, making light of the incident, told her: "There's a time and a place for that sort of thing."

He said he had no idea why two women had claimed that he fondled them in cells in Kilbirnie police station when they were brought in "half comatose".

He is due to continue his evidence when the trial resumes today.

Taycoon Had Sex With Farmer's Daughter After Murder

UK -- A farmer's daughter had sex with a wealthy businessman 12 hours after he murdered his lover on the way home from a shopping trip to Harvey Nichols, a court was told yesterday.

Howard Simmerson, 43, is claimed to have arrived at the remote farm with the body of Julie Turner hidden in an oil drum on the back of his Ford Ranger pick-up truck.

His intention had been to bury the drum but during the three-hour visit he had sex with 20-year-old Charlotte Melland in her father's shed, Sheffield Crown Court heard.

Two days earlier he allegedly called Miss Melland and asked her to lie about his movements 48 hours hence - the night that 40-year-old Miss Turner was shot in the head with a revolver in Simmerson's Mercedes.

Miss Melland told the hearing that she was in love with Simmerson, a man she had known since she was a child through his deliveries to the farm from his gas bottle distribution company.

She explained the relationship between them had developed a few weeks before Miss Turner's death and they discussed having sex through text messages. Miss Melland, who has a one-year-old son, admitted they made love for the first time in a shed at her father's farm at Flagg, near Bakewell, Derbys.

She said they had not had sex before because Simmerson told her he would not do it "whilst he was with Julie".

He told her Miss Turner, a mother-of-two, from Sothal, Sheffield, would not leave her common-law husband Darren Akers for him and they were not getting on well.

Simmerson then went to see her father to ask if he could bury the oil drum on their land, a request which was refused.

Miss Melland told the court: "Howard said there were some guns in it and the guns had been involved in a shooting, that was all."

She admitted that she had lied to the police at first to cover up for Simmerson because she was "scared". He had told her to telephone him on the night of the alleged murder, making it appear as if he was at home watching television.

His request came in an hour-long telephone conversation she had with Simmerson two days before the alleged murder in which he said he had fallen out with Miss Turner. She said he told her he would be going to Birmingham to pick something up and if he got caught he would "get sent down".

He also asked her to telephone him at about 10pm on the evening of the alleged murder and again at midnight, with both calls lasting an hour, Miss Melland said.

"If the police became involved he said I should tell them he was at home all night watching television," she added.

Miss Melland's father, Christopher, said Simmerson had turned up at his farm with the truck and asked if he could dispose of the oil drum there.

He told the court: "He said he had some rubbish to bury."

Simmerson later told him there were two guns in the drum, which had been welded shut, but he would not open it for inspection.

Miss Turner's body was discovered in the drum six weeks later after it had been left at the premises of a car valeting company.

Simmerson had lavished gifts worth £180,000 on her during their four-year affair, including buying three designer handbags worth £2,800 on the night she died.

The jury has heard that he initially told police he had dropped her off near her home at her request on the way home from a promotional night at the Harvey Nichols store in Leeds.

He later claimed she was shot in the right side of the head in the passenger seat of his Mercedes with the gun in her own hand after she pulled it on him and "jabbed" it in his face. An Italian Derringer double-barrel pistol was later found at his business premises.

Simmerson, of Creswell, Derbys, denies murdering Miss Turner in June this year.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Japan's Sex Slaves

TOKYO: Under fire for its inaction on eliminating human trafficking, Japan is expected to bring in new laws this week to crack down on the brokers and buyers of women forced to work as sex slaves.

Japan remains embarrassed by a US State Department report last year condemning the world's second-biggest economy for its failure to adequately address the problem and placing it on a watch list with offenders such as Cambodia and the Ivory Coast.

Although a more recent version of the survey praised Japan's efforts to improve the situation, it remains a "tier two" country because its thriving sex industry remains a lucrative destination for those who traffic women from Thailand, The Philippines, Colombia and Belarus.

A place in the tier-two category denotes that a country fails to meet minimum standards for eliminating human trafficking.

The impending changes will make the manager of any establishment in the sex or entertainment industry criminally liable for employing anyone without proper legal documentation.

Keiko Otsu, who runs a secret shelter in Tokyo for women who escape from their captors, described a constant fear that haunts the women who arrive at her door. "They are genuinely terrified, often trembling uncontrollably," she said.

The first prosecution occurred last week, when a Taiwanese woman who managed a club in the resort town of Nagano was arrested for buying for $24,000 a 24-year-old Indonesian woman for use as a sex slave.

The Times