Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Sex Crazy Dutch People

Police trying to foil a kidnapping in Holland last month, found they had instead blundered into an elaborate sex game. Several passers-by called the authorities after seeing a young blonde woman being forced into the back of a van in Brunssum.

Three men were seen manhandling the struggling woman who was handcuffed, blindfolded, gagged and staggering on high heels in fishnet stockings. But when police finally 'rescued' the woman, they were shocked by what she had to say to them.

Over twenty police officers and several helicopters were involved in the dramatic chase that finally tracked the van to the city of Heerlen over 20 miles away. Police quickly surrounded the van after setting up a road block and ordered the kidnappers, at gunpoint, to lie face down on the road. Two of the men were naked from the waist down and police feared the poor woman may have already been raped in the back of the van.

But when they untied the young woman and took out her gag, they were shocked by what she had to say to them. Instead of the tearful 'thank you' that they had been expecting, the young woman reportedly screamed: "You stupid bastards! I've been trying to set this up for months! And now you've ruined it, just when it was getting interesting!"

A police spokesman later told reporters, "We ascertained no crime was committed because this was a sexual fantasy that the 'victim' set up and was a willing participant in." Her three male 'companions', were quickly released.

"We advised her next time to arrange to be kidnapped in her own home," he added.

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