Friday, October 07, 2005

16 Muslims Gang Rape Christian Girl In Pakistan

PAKISTAN - A 12-year-old Christian girl was reportedly abducted and gang raped by 16 Muslim men in Pakistan.

The alleged offence occurred at Rawlpindi, bordering Pakistans capital city of Islamabad.

According to a news release from the All Pakistan Minorities Alliance (APMA), Sara Tabasum escaped two weeks later while she was being transported to a new location. APMA reported Tabasum managed to jump out of the vehicle and escape while it was on a busy road. Although the youngster was pursued, she still managed to reach her family.

In the last week of June, APMA reported, according to Tabasum and her family members, Perveen Bibi, a Muslim woman and her husband Babar, rented an apartment next to Tabasums house. Both families shared a single bathroom and main entrance door, APMA said.

It soon became evident to Tabasums family, APMA reported, by the amount of strangers coming and going that their new neighbors owned a brothel.

Tabasums mother and other neighbors complained to the owner of the apartment complex about the activities reportedly being carried on by their new neighbors. As a result, APMA reported, Bibi and her husband were ordered to immediately vacate the apartment. When Bibi found out that Tabasums mother had complained, she warned her that here would be consequences for her actions.

Bibi and her husband, APMA reported, moved their business to another area of the city.

On Sept. 5, APMA stated, Tabasum went out late one night to buy some loaves of bread. She was reportedly abducted by her former neighbors and two other men. According to APMA, "They put a piece of cloth soaked in some intoxicant on her mouth, after which she fainted."

When Tabasum regained consciousness she found herself in Bibis house, where three men reportedly including Babar Bibi, raped her.

Tabasum was reportedly told that by Perveen Bibi that she could be "saved" if she embraced Islam and married one of Perveens Muslim brothers.

According to APMA, "On refusing, Sara was beaten badly during captivity and shifted to another house ... where five persons raped her. She was repeatedly asked by Perveen and other men to embrace Islam and recite [the] Islamic creed to save herself from the misery. Perveens husband Babar even told her that they [had] killed her brother Suleman, and her mother [had] also embraced Islam. [With that in mind], it would be better for her to become [a] Muslim now, otherwise she could be killed or made [a] 'prostitute."



Memphis Steve said...

Ah Islam, the religion of 'peace.'

Anonymous said...

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